28 November 2011

Under the Tree and Grooming

Hello, I'm George's twin sister, Tallulah Falana.  You can call me LouLou, Nunie, Binky, Bunny, or even Muffin.

Please, don't call me Fluffy.

I've been meaning to mention a fine product to add to your wishlists that's been coming in pretty handy in my neck of the woods...

the FURminator

Someone, however, beat me to it this morning.  I thought about asking  Martha, if she'd like to stop over and tell you about it herself...but I figured she'd just give me the brush-off.

Have a gorgeous week!

: )


The folks at FURminator did not sponsor this post, nor do we sell their pet-grooming tools at The Little Red Shop.  We just think their DeShedding Rake is fabulous!

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22 November 2011

Dabney's "Dugout"

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

: )

Julie M.

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Vintage Bath Stand Make-Over…the Jackson Pollock Method

If you read this before & after post, then you know that lately, I've been painting pretty much everything I can reach…in storage.

When I first found this bathing beauty, it was definitely in need of a make-over.

Don't you think?

And rest…it needed a couple of years of rest.

It was covered in gross peeling powdery flesh-colored paint…things that make you say, "Ewww!" So, a couple of weeks ago, I hauled it back to the house, gently sanded it overall to smooth out the chunky bits, wiped it down with a damp cloth, let it rest some more and then began shooting layer after layer of Krylon primer and paint at it…to see what would stick.


Did I mention that it's been really cold in my neck of the woods?  In any case, stick, it did.

I love Krylon!

Rusty Brown, Gray, Red, Dover White, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Some other Metallic Color, Some Kinda Blue, Satin Black

Not pleased with any of the results…I let it sit for days on the back porch.  


Then one afternoon, without over-thinking, I fetched it, grabbed a piece of 320 sandpaper, and went to town.

I finished it off with a good paste-waxing and...


Isn't it pretty?

Oh, and Pink, how could I forget Ballet Slipper Pink...I think.

{Sorry for the partial before & after shots, it was feeling a little modest, especially after its bathe.}

; )

Julie M.

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21 November 2011

The Gourmet S'more Review!

With friendly folks cookin' up all sorts of sweet goodness for upcoming festivites, I thought this was the perfect time to share my full post on one of my favorite recipes.


During the holidays, I spend more time in my li'l shop than in the kitchen…stirring up things like this:

I threw this together with bits and pieces from my kitchen.

So when Bethany of Happy Homemaker Me was so sweet to ask me to do a little Christmas baking guest post for her blog, I had to stop and think of something fun & easy to do.  

And then it came to me.

I'd make a couple of treats that I created a few years ago...

{Red band platter ~ Vintage, Cup/saucer ~ Wedgwood "Patrician"}

In The Little Red Shop, I carry vintage goodies and pretty new things for home & baby, and seasonal gourmet treats.  I used to carry something my wee friend Emily likes to call...

"Goodness of Happiness!"
White Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows

But guess what!

The company does not sell them anymore.

So, I thought it was about time to dip the marshmallows...myself, and let you in on the secrets behind my...

Goodness of Happiness S'mores & Fun Milk!

Fun milk came to be one Christmas Eve, when my sister-in-law wanted her li'l kiddos to have milk with dinner.  All I had was the non-fat version, so I poured a couple of short cool ironstone mugs full of milk and topped 'em off with swirly mounds of whipping cream!  "Fun Milk" was born!

Now, onto the s'mores...

For my first batch, I mix several broken squares of White Chocolate Vanilla Bean bar with a small handful of Premium "White Classic" Chocolate Baking Chips in a vintage milk glass pyrex gravy boat.

I absolutely love using milk glass for baking prep!

I then...

Microwaved on "melt" for approximately one minute.

Carefully removed the dish from the microwave and stirred the white chocolate until all of the pieces melted.

Then using a wooden skewer, I stabbed one marshmallow at a time and dipped/rolled it into the melted chocolate.  I used the edge of another skewer to smooth the sides & to remove the excess chocolate. 

(Isn't "excess chocolate" an oxi-moron?)  

Just keep dipping marshmallows whilst the chocolate lasts!  The nice thing about making them like this...is you can do itty bitty bits at a time and not be overwhelmed by a huge bowl o' chocolate which does not want to stay melted.

I placed each fresh Goodness of Happiness Marshmallow on a piece of wax paper...on that li'l vintage platter to cool.

Too cool...and much easier than I thought it would be!

Cooling ~ {it doesn't take long in my chilly kitchen} I popped them in the fridge for 15 minutes or so to speed up the chocolate setting.

This is not my fridge.

On a microwave-safe dish, I placed:

 One Pepparkakor (Swedish Ginger Thin Cookie)

One Homemade Goodness of Happiness Marshmallow


Microwaved on "High" for just a few seconds
(or until the marshmallow expands enough to cover the cookie)

Carefully remove from microwave, place on a pretty plate, and top with another pepparkakor!

I have a confession to make.

I didn't just settle for


I made peppermint fun milk & chocolate chocolate-dipped marshmallows too!
(I used nonfat milk with peppermint whipping cream and semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of white chocolate)

What's better than Deep Dark Chocolate Goodness of Happiness?

Gooey Deep Dark Chocolate Goodness of Happiness S'mores dipped in frothy Peppermint Fun Milk!!!

Please, try this at home!

Goodness of Happiness S'mores Fixings make a lovely gift!  

Thank you so much for inspiring me to share, Bethany!

May God bless you and your loved ones throughout the Holidays!

: )

Julie M.

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ps The main model marshmallow in this post was from my second batch, for which I used ONLY the classic white chocolate baking chips.  The vanilla bean chocolate has a smokier flavor and will give you a more speckled looking treat.

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20 November 2011

Vintage Hidden Treasures ~ Before & After

For the last few weeks, I've been painting up a storm…trying to make the most of the weather before it started to look a little like this…

I've been collecting all sorts of lovely treasures for the shop for years…stashing them away for another day.  

Treasures in need of just a bit…or quite a lot of love, like Matt.

Poor Matt

Poor, poor Matt

He just needed to be de-glued, re-glued, sanded, primed, painted & waxed…and he needed a nice knob for his noggin.'

Don't you think?

I used a drapery rod finial and a wooden wheel meant for a toy truck for the topper.  Like everything else, I just happened to have them on hand.  

I chose to make the most of his original ensemble, and let some of his true colors shine.

Oh, hey there!
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you.

How could I forget "My First Flakey Friends?"
(All fluffy goodness, other than the real "white stuff," by Bunnies by the Bay)

Would you have guessed that this lovely Currier & Ives kitchen stand once looked like this?!!

Mmm…that's so yummy!

I recently debated as to whether or not I would buy the vintage "beauty" and then realized that it wasn't just a decal…those babies are actual Currier & Ives tiles.

Like everything else, I just added layer after layer of paint until I thought it wanted to be done…and then I attacked it with sandpaper.  That's smooth.  

: )

Oh, and here's how the wee red stool looked while it sat in my barn, hiding away for years. 

 I had completely forgotten about it…and now…


I plan to share more hidden treasures with you soon!!!

In the meantime…

Stay Warm!

: )

Julie M.

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17 November 2011

Vintage Accessory Love…an Open & Shut Case!

Fall is generally my busiest time of year.  Living in the mountains, I'm not just working to get The Little Red Shop (Yes, my actual itty bitty brick & mortar boutique) ready for the holidays, I'm aiming to get things done around the property before winter officially hits.

We are talking several FEET of winter!

So, for the last few months, I've been on a major cleaning and organizing craze.

 I'm literally digging through every single speck o' treasure I own and finally putting to use cool collectibles that have been stored away for "someday."  Quite a few things, however, still need to stay in protective custody…things like bungalow parts.

Yes, bungalow parts!

So…what does that have to do with a couple of vintage suitcases and my paternal grandma's dainty accessories…the ones she was wearing when my sweet mama first laid eyes on her in the front of Powderhorn Park Baptist Church way back in the day?


They were out in the barn...tucked away in one of those ol' suitcases with more of my fabulous childhood dress-up clothes and...

I needed a place to store some vintage light fixtures.

Happy Weekend!!!

: )

Julie M.


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07 November 2011

Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market ~ The End!

I've added the last of my Ruffles & Rust photos to The Little Red Shop's Facebook Album!

Next show post…


I hope you're having a great week.  I'm having a lot of fun getting things ready for my shop for the holidays!!!

: )

Julie M.

01 November 2011

Vintage Bedside Table Lovin'

Paint or Simply Polish?

That is the question.

Stripping...is not on the table.

: )

Julie M.


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Indeed, it is!

I spied this lovely lantern in Circle Creek Home's beautiful booth at... 

Ruffles & Rust, A Vintage Market to Inspire. 

To see more, please visit 

Thank you!

: )

Julie M.

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