Vintage Hidden Treasures ~ Before & After

For the last few weeks, I've been painting up a storm…trying to make the most of the weather before it started to look a little like this…

I've been collecting all sorts of lovely treasures for the shop for years…stashing them away for another day.  

Treasures in need of just a bit…or quite a lot of love, like Matt.

Poor Matt

Poor, poor Matt

He just needed to be de-glued, re-glued, sanded, primed, painted & waxed…and he needed a nice knob for his noggin.'

Don't you think?

I used a drapery rod finial and a wooden wheel meant for a toy truck for the topper.  Like everything else, I just happened to have them on hand.  

I chose to make the most of his original ensemble, and let some of his true colors shine.

Oh, hey there!
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you.

How could I forget "My First Flakey Friends?"
(All fluffy goodness, other than the real "white stuff," by Bunnies by the Bay)

Would you have guessed that this lovely Currier & Ives kitchen stand once looked like this?!!

Mmm…that's so yummy!

I recently debated as to whether or not I would buy the vintage "beauty" and then realized that it wasn't just a decal…those babies are actual Currier & Ives tiles.

Like everything else, I just added layer after layer of paint until I thought it wanted to be done…and then I attacked it with sandpaper.  That's smooth.  

: )

Oh, and here's how the wee red stool looked while it sat in my barn, hiding away for years. 

 I had completely forgotten about it…and now…


I plan to share more hidden treasures with you soon!!!

In the meantime…

Stay Warm!

: )

Julie M.

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you have indeed
been a busy busy girl

love all the painted pieces
in their new coats!

Your props look awesome! I especially like "Matt's" new and improved coat tree and the Cuddle Toe Slippers on a cake stand! Looks great! :)
Thank you, thank you!!

: )

Julie M.

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