The Vintage Quarterly, Part I


Has it really been 3 months?

I hope y'all have been well whilst I've been on the road.

Pine Creek Farms & Nursery  

Most recently,

I headed over the hills with a great road trip buddy to…

You can see the rest of my photos including more treasures from this beautiful show here!

Just prior to R&R, I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot photos at the Central Washington State Fair…



Donal, of Double Dan Horsemanship

Yep, that was tough.

I'm sorry, what was I saying?

You can see more of my Rodeo pictures here.

And more scenes from the Central Washington State Fair…here!

To be continued…

Happy Fall!! 

: )

Julie M.

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Wendys Hat said…
I was wondering what happened to you! What fun you had and treasures you found. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I really LOVE that chandelier that looks like it's made of crystal cups! Don't stay away so long!

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