Sugarbuddy Sugar Shack


About a year and a half ago, 

I received a call from a dear gal, who wanted to visit The Little Red Shop. 

When we'd set up the appointment, and I asked her name, she said...

"Julie, this is Tambi...


Sugarbuddy Baking Company!"

So sweet! 

Tambi, her sister Rhonda, of The Little Vintage Brown Barn, and I were already buddies...via Instagram, so what fun to get to meet them in real life at The Little Red Shop! Tambi makes absolutely gorgeous cakes & assorted desserts, and Rhonda makes adorable gnomes, and sweet decorative kitchen "accessories" which she sells in her Etsy shop!

I mean...can you even?

So cute!!!


 Sweet sweet talented & creative! We had a wonderful visit that day. 

And now...the sweetest news...

just 5 miles over the river and through the woods from The Little Red Shop is...

Sugarbuddy Sugar Shack!!!

Tambi opened the doors to her farm stand bakery this morning, so my mama and I headed over on a little Labor Day Weekend road trip for sweet treats & even sweeter fellowship.

Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies!! 

Rhonda's son-in-law & friend surprised Tambi with a sweet visit too!


Tambi's Garden

What a blessing! 

God bless Tambi & the Sugarbuddy Sugar Shack.

Here's to sweet new friends & creative adventures! 

Welcome to the community!

Thank you for today.


Julie M.

ps Mom really enjoyed visiting with you too!

When she saw a preview of this post, she said, "Ohhh...I wish we had bought some of that cake!"

Mom, we did! This IS our cake. 

So good! 


Happy Almost Fall, Y'all! 

Tambi & Rhonda have sweet Instagram pages, and you can find Rhonda's darling Gnomes,!


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