Dabney's "Dugout"

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Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

: )

Julie M.

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Indrani said…
Hope he is safe there.
He is safe, thank you. He's enjoying the view from under a couple of picnic benches.

: )

Julie M.
Jocelyn said…
Awww, this is so sweet!

Jocelyn @
Carole M. said…
escaping the cold; cool cat! Has it's own dug-out; purrfect.
genie said…
What a creative home way from home while out in the snow and cold. He is a clever one and looks very contented there. Your captures are great. Happy Turkey Day. genie
Andrea said…
They are so cute, but they look so sad and cold, i hope someone will rescue them!
Kaye said…
So precious! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Thank you so much for your sweet comments. For those of you new to my blog, Dabney Coleman, named for the actor who looks just like him, is my barn cat. He adopted me a couple of years ago, lives happily on my property amongst furry neighborhood friends…and still won't let me near him. Two of my previous barn cats, who also showed up on their own, are now retired and live in the house. To learn more about one of them, just visit:


: )

Julie M.
Kitty looks so content in his shelter. Love the photo.

Happy Thanksgiving
The French Hutch
Kelly Ann said…
Love me some Peep...
And that is why I got a big ol' smile when I saw that you left a comment, Kelly Ann. : ) Peep is doing really well!

Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all in the States!
caite said…
cozy kitty..
jeanne said…
A fun photo to share today. Cat love is a good thing. Smile!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Blessings, Jeanne
Awwwww....what a "cutie" pie.
Joyce M
Hi Julie!

Too Cute!! Made me smile!

xox Glad & Celia

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