Vintage Bath Stand Make-Over…the Jackson Pollock Method

If you read this before & after post, then you know that lately, I've been painting pretty much everything I can reach…in storage.

When I first found this bathing beauty, it was definitely in need of a make-over.

Don't you think?

And rest…it needed a couple of years of rest.

It was covered in gross peeling powdery flesh-colored paint…things that make you say, "Ewww!" So, a couple of weeks ago, I hauled it back to the house, gently sanded it overall to smooth out the chunky bits, wiped it down with a damp cloth, let it rest some more and then began shooting layer after layer of Krylon primer and paint at it…to see what would stick.


Did I mention that it's been really cold in my neck of the woods?  In any case, stick, it did.

I love Krylon!

Rusty Brown, Gray, Red, Dover White, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Some other Metallic Color, Some Kinda Blue, Satin Black

Not pleased with any of the results…I let it sit for days on the back porch.  


Then one afternoon, without over-thinking, I fetched it, grabbed a piece of 320 sandpaper, and went to town.

I finished it off with a good paste-waxing and...


Isn't it pretty?

Oh, and Pink, how could I forget Ballet Slipper Pink...I think.

{Sorry for the partial before & after shots, it was feeling a little modest, especially after its bathe.}

; )

Julie M.

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Turned out BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing! Found you via TJ :)
Alison Agnew said…
i want one!

the after, that is
rather than the before

it's always better to let others
do all the work :)

This turned out so good- going to check out more of your blog now, looks like it'll be great!!! :)
Janet said…
What a fantastic 'after', I love it! I'm constantly putting projects aside until I can figure out what they need. Maybe that's why I'm always working on so many at one time. :)

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