Vintage Accessory Love…an Open & Shut Case!

Fall is generally my busiest time of year.  Living in the mountains, I'm not just working to get The Little Red Shop (Yes, my actual itty bitty brick & mortar boutique) ready for the holidays, I'm aiming to get things done around the property before winter officially hits.

We are talking several FEET of winter!

So, for the last few months, I've been on a major cleaning and organizing craze.

 I'm literally digging through every single speck o' treasure I own and finally putting to use cool collectibles that have been stored away for "someday."  Quite a few things, however, still need to stay in protective custody…things like bungalow parts.

Yes, bungalow parts!

So…what does that have to do with a couple of vintage suitcases and my paternal grandma's dainty accessories…the ones she was wearing when my sweet mama first laid eyes on her in the front of Powderhorn Park Baptist Church way back in the day?


They were out in the barn...tucked away in one of those ol' suitcases with more of my fabulous childhood dress-up clothes and...

I needed a place to store some vintage light fixtures.

Happy Weekend!!!

: )

Julie M.


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