30 November 2010

A Couple of Dawgs...

Cameron is my oldest friend!

Can you tell?

I've known her since she was born.

It's true!

Cami and her folks lived just across the street from my family of five, and she will always be like a little sister to my older brothers and me.  We've been through thick and thin, fights over Barbies, and toothbrushes down toilets...Cami is family.  In fact, the day of my daddy's service, Cami arrived with her "Doggy" in hand.  The real fur faux pup that was her most beloved, ever present snuggly as a child.  

"That is NOT your doggy!" my playful daddy would always tell her, 

"That is your RABBIT!"

Cami would just clench her doggy tighter, stomp her little foot and say...


Well, In August of 1999, 4 days after my dear beloved daddy went to be with the Lord, Cami reached out her arms...doggy in hand and said,

"This is for you."

And then...

Immediately following the service, knowing how immensely private I am (even though I am now a nerdy girl with a blog), my oldest friend kidnapped me away from well-meaning eyes and ears and took me for a drive down memory lane.

Thank you, Cam!


  Flash forward 11 years to this past August.    

The day this picture was taken, we were gathering to celebrate Cameron's new home and her beautiful baby boy's 2nd birthday...

...just a houseful of family, old friends, new friends...

and a couple of Dawgs.


Go Huskies!

This Saturday, December 4th at 4pm, The University of Washington Huskies face their arch rivals...the cougars, in the Apple Cup!  Hopefully, the Dawgs will be movin' as quick as a flash during the game...just like Cami's mom is on the right side of that photograph.

You see...

I'm not the only one with a wonder mama!  

: )

Julie M.

ps  The DAWGS RULE!!!


The Apple Cup 2010
UW vs. WSU

: )  

28 November 2010

A li'l Spark

When I posted about this  glittery duo the other day...

I really had no idea!

They had a li'l spark of their own!

I hope your weekend was full of sweet surprises!

: )

Julie M.

25 November 2010


Come on ring those bells!

Light the Christmas tree!

Jesus is the King...born for you and me! ~ Andrew Culverwell

Christmas is coming!


Happy Decorating!

Or snoozing...whatever makes you happy!

: )

Julie M.

A wee fuzzy moment from last year, the antique red & white cupboard sits across the room from where I blog and holds a portion of my design magazine library.  It was my first purchase from my friend Thelma's antique shop.  The chocolate floral curtains are from Ikea.  Tallulah {Lou Lou} is currently snuggled up in a Moses basket next to my elbow.  The vintage bell is part of a set which I inherited from my paternal grandparents.  I glittered several of the glass balls years ago, but just the ones that had pretty distressed finishes. {MmMm...no, that does not mean that they were pretty before I glittered 'em!}

Oh, and...

 Capturing impromptu moments is more important to me than producing an absolutely perfect photograph.

24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

While I don't have any pictures to share of my Quaker great grandparents who came to America from England, Ireland, & Wales during the 17th century, I do have a wee photograph of my living grandma's grandmother's grandmother!

Anna Graham Noble
Delaware 1806 ~ 1897 Yellowbud, Ross, Ohio

{I believe that the book under her right hand is a symbol of her literacy.  Perhaps, if Anna had had today's technology at her fingertips, she would have been a blogger!}

Whilst researching my family tree a year or so ago, thanks to a long lost cousin, I found my 4th great grandmother's photograph online.  It was shortly thereafter, to my great joy, that I discovered that Anna had posed for a quite similar portrait as well.  It was tucked in amongst the pages of my great great grandmother's 19th century photo album!  

: )

I am so thankful for the strong godly women the Lord has put into my life as role models, including my mothers (that includes my precious mama and the grannies), my dear sweet Auntie Georgia...and so many new lovely blog friends!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a Blessed & Beautiful day with your loved ones.  Did any of your ancestors sail across the sea to a new land which you now call "home?"

: ) 

Julie M.


ps  Do you have any "Grahams" or "Nobles" in your family tree?  Anna is the farthest I've been able to go back in my strictly maternal line (my mother's mothers...).  Her husband's name was William Thomas Noble. (1791~1871)

pps  Some of my Quaker Colonist ancestors were Agnews, Bagleys, Brintons, Cains, Cox, Harrys, Millers, Owens, and Speakmans.  They left "the old country" behind and made Chester County, Pennsylvania their home.  

20 November 2010

So Long Mustard Birdies ~ Hello, Glitter!

"Say there, friend, you're lookin' pretty sharp!"

When I found these poor li'l birdies, they looked like they'd been bathed in mustard.

That's okay!  I knew just what to do to get them all gussied up for the holidays.

I gave them a little Wet Ones bath!

I primed them with a couple of coats of Krylon's All-Purpose White Primer Spray Paint.
{Waiting at least 15 minutes between delicate layers, of course}

After That
I repeated step 2 with a couple of coats of Krylon's Dover White Spray Paint.
{Have I mentioned that I adore Krylon?  I really don't care to use any other brand...I've found too many of them to be sticky}

I let 'em sit and relax for a few days...I had other things to do.

The vintage Anchor Hocking FireKing milk glass mug was a thrifty find.  I'm using it to hold water for my paintbrush.  The lovely cookie sheet and mini-loaf bread pan are from my childhood.  Don't you just love their patina?  Don't YOU just want me to whip up a couple of batches of cookies & loaves for you?  Well, I assure you, they are all clean & sparky fresh...


A couple of days ago...

...I thought it was about time for the li'l birdies to look all clean & sparkly fresh too.  So, I grabbed my paint brush, gently dipped it in my FireKing mug o' water (pre-dipping your brush in water makes it more user-friendly.  You want the brush to be damp, not drippy).  I then carefully brushed Daniel Smith's Acrylic Medium ~ Gloss onto each bird, one little section at a time (on larger, more uniform pieces, to achieve a smooth finish, it is better to apply the fixative all at once.  I prefer to not have "paint" globbed onto my paintbrush...you have more control when you use daintier amounts of product).

I really need to re-wire this lamp.  I absconded with the shade for the lamp I'm using for crafting.  It needs some attention too.  The floor lamp is from my paternal grandparents' home in Minnesota, as is the little painter man in my daddy's secretary.  The wee dude in white formerly lived in my grandpa's den, along with the rest of his li'l carved wooden people collection.  The Painter is my favorite!

"What do you mean, 'He's your favorite?'"


I'm sorry, where was I?

Oh, yes.

After applying the acrylic medium to each little section of the birdies, I gave them a fine dusting of Martha Stewart CRAFTS carrara marble coarse glitter...from Michaels.

I love mustard on my sandwiches, not on my birdies.

What do you think?

Please visit Funky Junk Interiors for Donna's fantabulous Saturday Night Special.

Thank you!

: )

Julie M.

19 November 2010

Little Red Wonder Junk!

Excuse me, Georgie.

That's better.  Thanks, babe.

Last Spring, during The Midwestern Junkin' & Family History Huntin' Tour with Li'l Red & The Wonder Twins... my mama and I happened upon a cool roadside antique mall.  

Would you like to catch a little glimpse of it?

Aunt-T's-Ques Wayside Shoppe is a "One Man General Store" in Hartford, South Dakota.

After spending WAY too much time in what is possibly the worst Goodwill in the Universe, we were so excited to happen upon this junk haven, which is located on the south side of I-90 off Exit 387.

Mmmm....so many treasures!

I could have spent all day diggin' through this shop.

I so love vintage Christmas goodies,  

don't you? 

Alas, I ended up buying just one thing.  I saw it outside as we drove up to the shop.

Remember this?

Anyhoo, I thought it would come in pretty handy for something...and tonight, it did!


Have I mentioned that it's snowing?

Another example of how vintage items can be put to practical use!!

I hope that YOU are having a glorious weekend!
{I'm listening to Dish's "Classical Holiday" channel}

: )

Julie M.

Aunt-T's-Ques Wayside Shop

  The tin cup was one of my most recent junkin' finds, and is available for sale at The Little Red Shop.  I purchased the steamer trunk at Goodwill years ago.  It, AND the cool red can, along with many other treasures, are available to rent as photography props and for special events, through…The Little Red Shop ~ Vintage Rentals.  The trunk is locked shut...and I don't have the key.

Lock-picking advice, anyone?

For more photos…and to receive regular updates on my fabulous junking adventures and restoration projects, please follow The Little Red Shop's facebook page.  You can also visit us via My Favorite Find , Twitter and Pinterest.

Please visit A Few of My Favorite Things for...

15 November 2010

The Harvest Wedding...

9 October 2010

Two months ago...

Dan & Melody

Broke Up!

Two weeks later, my friend Jen, Danny's aunt, called to say,

"Please pray for Dan & Mel.  Tonight...they are meeting to talk!"

Dan, a local EMT/fireman/handyman and Melody, who works for a communications company, met through a mutual friend and had been dating for about a year and a half prior to parting ways.

Mel had been sure that Dan was "The One."

Danny's auntie and I weren't the only ones praying over their coeur de coeur.

The li'l blondies are Jenny's son Keegan and his cousin Ashley

"Dan and I were having a heavy relationship discussion and he just told me he had to leave. He said he wasn't leaving me, but just needed to leave. He went to the Fire Station to gather his thoughts. Meanwhile, I got into my jammies (flannel pants, tee shirt..hair in scrunchie) and put on glasses for a riveting evening of Dateline.  An hour or so later as I'm sitting in the dark..close to 10pm...there were siren lights out from the street.  I peeked through the mini blinds to see if the neighbors were ok..and heard words over the P.A.  I went out onto the porch to hear better and heard Dan's voice, 'Melody...will you marry me?'  I ran down and jumped into his arms and finally said..."


  "He had known he wanted to propose, and went to the fire station to figure out how, and then he just told his fellow firefighters that he needed the fire truck and they were totally behind him. They got into their full bunker gear, drove to Safeway for a rose, then to my house to propose. Pretty great night, I must say!!!"

Five weeks later, Dan & Mel said, "I do!"

The signing of the Marriage License
(You can take the boys out of the mountains...but you can't keep them from sitting in their dress slacks prior to a wedding.)

Melody's desire was for a harvest wedding.  She wanted to feel as if they were walking through a forest filled with crunchy leaves.

Even though this photo is a little funky blurry...I kind of love it!

And so, they did!

The reception was held at Casey & Jenny's home.

The perfect venue for a family affair, Casey and Jenny purchased the 2 1/2 acre property from Casey's grandma (Dan's great grandma), when they were practically newlyweds themselves.  In fact, the first time I met Danny, he was about 14 years old...and knee-deep in drywall dust.  Handy Dan was helping Case & Jen renovate grandma's little old house.

Grandma's house isn't quite so little anymore...

...neither is the 6'6" groom!

On the hunt for his new bride!

She was out in the pavilion with Dan's dad, her out-of-state bff, Cami, and her cousins, 

but not for long! 

Aunt Elaine made the cake!

Mel's new great auntie wasn't the only one smiling!

Clockwise L-R:  Mel, Jen & Casey's nieces Arianna & Caitlyn w/ their li'l cousin Maddie, the best man's li'l flower girl, Lily, somebody's cute li'l sweetie donning a fabulous bow tie, Mel's sister & matron of honor, Amanda (w/ her hubby), Mel's dear friend and bridesmaid, Dollie, Jenny, & li'l Maddie w/ her cousin Ari. 

Dollie is holding a piece of homemade "groom's cake."

Aren't they pretty?

Jenny, Casey, & Danny put a lot of love into each little going-away gift for the wedding guests.

Dan's best man with his wee family.  Danny & Corey have been best friends ever since the day that Danny inadvertently broke Corey's nose with his elbow when they were little.

 The guys were busy visiting as Mel headed off across the lawn with her new father-in-law and his wife, Mashelle.

Would you believe that initially, Dan & Melody had planned to see a Justice of the Peace?  When Jen, who was a key player in their reunion heard that li'l snippet of information, she replied,

"No, you will not!  Casey & I will throw you a wedding!"

And so, they did! 

Congratulations, Dan & Melody!!!
God Bless You!  

Please stay tuned to see some of the ways how, with a modest budget, the help of a few family members and friends and only five weeks to plan...Jen & Case threw Dan & Mel's...

Thank you!

: )

Julie M.

ps  These are NOT the official wedding photos.  I just shot 'em with my li'l Panasonic DMZ-TC1 "point & shoot."  

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