Come on ring those bells!

Light the Christmas tree!

Jesus is the King...born for you and me! ~ Andrew Culverwell

Christmas is coming!


Happy Decorating!

Or snoozing...whatever makes you happy!

: )

Julie M.

A wee fuzzy moment from last year, the antique red & white cupboard sits across the room from where I blog and holds a portion of my design magazine library.  It was my first purchase from my friend Thelma's antique shop.  The chocolate floral curtains are from Ikea.  Tallulah {Lou Lou} is currently snuggled up in a Moses basket next to my elbow.  The vintage bell is part of a set which I inherited from my paternal grandparents.  I glittered several of the glass balls years ago, but just the ones that had pretty distressed finishes. {MmMm...no, that does not mean that they were pretty before I glittered 'em!}

Oh, and...

 Capturing impromptu moments is more important to me than producing an absolutely perfect photograph.


Uncovered Ruby said…
Hey Julie..love your new header!! So beautiful for this time of year, enjoy this blessed time! Lisa ;-)
Merry Christmas, Julie!
Thank you for visiting my site!
I'm excited to look around yours now. I'm your newest follower!
No snow for us in Southern California, but I'm still excited about many other Christmas-y things!
♥ Bethany

Thank you! Thank you!

: )

Julie M.
Mélanie A. said…
I love so much this time of the year

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