The Harvest Wedding...

9 October 2010

Two months ago...

Dan & Melody

Broke Up!

Two weeks later, my friend Jen, Danny's aunt, called to say,

"Please pray for Dan & Mel.  Tonight...they are meeting to talk!"

Dan, a local EMT/fireman/handyman and Melody, who works for a communications company, met through a mutual friend and had been dating for about a year and a half prior to parting ways.

Mel had been sure that Dan was "The One."

Danny's auntie and I weren't the only ones praying over their coeur de coeur.

The li'l blondies are Jenny's son Keegan and his cousin Ashley

"Dan and I were having a heavy relationship discussion and he just told me he had to leave. He said he wasn't leaving me, but just needed to leave. He went to the Fire Station to gather his thoughts. Meanwhile, I got into my jammies (flannel pants, tee in scrunchie) and put on glasses for a riveting evening of Dateline.  An hour or so later as I'm sitting in the dark..close to 10pm...there were siren lights out from the street.  I peeked through the mini blinds to see if the neighbors were ok..and heard words over the P.A.  I went out onto the porch to hear better and heard Dan's voice, 'Melody...will you marry me?'  I ran down and jumped into his arms and finally said..."


  "He had known he wanted to propose, and went to the fire station to figure out how, and then he just told his fellow firefighters that he needed the fire truck and they were totally behind him. They got into their full bunker gear, drove to Safeway for a rose, then to my house to propose. Pretty great night, I must say!!!"

Five weeks later, Dan & Mel said, "I do!"

The signing of the Marriage License
(You can take the boys out of the mountains...but you can't keep them from sitting in their dress slacks prior to a wedding.)

Melody's desire was for a harvest wedding.  She wanted to feel as if they were walking through a forest filled with crunchy leaves.

Even though this photo is a little funky blurry...I kind of love it!

And so, they did!

The reception was held at Casey & Jenny's home.

The perfect venue for a family affair, Casey and Jenny purchased the 2 1/2 acre property from Casey's grandma (Dan's great grandma), when they were practically newlyweds themselves.  In fact, the first time I met Danny, he was about 14 years old...and knee-deep in drywall dust.  Handy Dan was helping Case & Jen renovate grandma's little old house.

Grandma's house isn't quite so little anymore...

...neither is the 6'6" groom!

On the hunt for his new bride!

She was out in the pavilion with Dan's dad, her out-of-state bff, Cami, and her cousins, 

but not for long! 

Aunt Elaine made the cake!

Mel's new great auntie wasn't the only one smiling!

Clockwise L-R:  Mel, Jen & Casey's nieces Arianna & Caitlyn w/ their li'l cousin Maddie, the best man's li'l flower girl, Lily, somebody's cute li'l sweetie donning a fabulous bow tie, Mel's sister & matron of honor, Amanda (w/ her hubby), Mel's dear friend and bridesmaid, Dollie, Jenny, & li'l Maddie w/ her cousin Ari. 

Dollie is holding a piece of homemade "groom's cake."

Aren't they pretty?

Jenny, Casey, & Danny put a lot of love into each little going-away gift for the wedding guests.

Dan's best man with his wee family.  Danny & Corey have been best friends ever since the day that Danny inadvertently broke Corey's nose with his elbow when they were little.

 The guys were busy visiting as Mel headed off across the lawn with her new father-in-law and his wife, Mashelle.

Would you believe that initially, Dan & Melody had planned to see a Justice of the Peace?  When Jen, who was a key player in their reunion heard that li'l snippet of information, she replied,

"No, you will not!  Casey & I will throw you a wedding!"

And so, they did! 

Congratulations, Dan & Melody!!!
God Bless You!  

Please stay tuned to see some of the ways how, with a modest budget, the help of a few family members and friends and only five weeks to plan...Jen & Case threw Dan & Mel's...

Thank you!

: )

Julie M.

ps  These are NOT the official wedding photos.  I just shot 'em with my li'l Panasonic DMZ-TC1 "point & shoot."  


Alison said…
So beautiful. I adore the aisle framed by fall leaves and candles. I think that Autumn sets a gorgeous stage for a wedding ceremony.

Thanks for *finally* posting Julie!

Pam said…
What a gorgeous site for a reception. Now when I saw the post the other day with just a picture of the porch and railing, I thought what a cute little home wedding, but WOW!!! Everything looks amazing. Love the little sign on the cart. Very pretty.
Amanda said…
Well done, missy! The wait, while VERY challenging, was absolutely worth it! You have a wonderful eye for detail, but that is quite evident here on your wonderful blog :) Beautiful! And THANK YOU!!! (see my blog for link to this post :)
Anonymous said…
This brought a tear to my eyes....very sweet! thank you....smiles.
Kristin said…
Beautiful! I loved the photographs and the wedding details. The guest give-aways were so creative!
Uncovered Ruby said…
Beautiful! I didn't realize you helped pull this together in just 5 weeks, you go girl! Happy Thanksgiving! Lisa ;-)
Uncle Loren and Auntie Ann said…
What a spectacular tribute to a very special couple...thank you for doing such a fantastic job to share Dan and Melody's special day with all of us...wish we could have been there.

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