30 November 2010

A Couple of Dawgs...

Cameron is my oldest friend!

Can you tell?

I've known her since she was born.

It's true!

Cami and her folks lived just across the street from my family of five, and she will always be like a little sister to my older brothers and me.  We've been through thick and thin, fights over Barbies, and toothbrushes down toilets...Cami is family.  In fact, the day of my daddy's service, Cami arrived with her "Doggy" in hand.  The real fur faux pup that was her most beloved, ever present snuggly as a child.  

"That is NOT your doggy!" my playful daddy would always tell her, 

"That is your RABBIT!"

Cami would just clench her doggy tighter, stomp her little foot and say...


Well, In August of 1999, 4 days after my dear beloved daddy went to be with the Lord, Cami reached out her arms...doggy in hand and said,

"This is for you."

And then...

Immediately following the service, knowing how immensely private I am (even though I am now a nerdy girl with a blog), my oldest friend kidnapped me away from well-meaning eyes and ears and took me for a drive down memory lane.

Thank you, Cam!


  Flash forward 11 years to this past August.    

The day this picture was taken, we were gathering to celebrate Cameron's new home and her beautiful baby boy's 2nd birthday...

...just a houseful of family, old friends, new friends...

and a couple of Dawgs.


Go Huskies!

This Saturday, December 4th at 4pm, The University of Washington Huskies face their arch rivals...the cougars, in the Apple Cup!  Hopefully, the Dawgs will be movin' as quick as a flash during the game...just like Cami's mom is on the right side of that photograph.

You see...

I'm not the only one with a wonder mama!  

: )

Julie M.

ps  The DAWGS RULE!!!


The Apple Cup 2010
UW vs. WSU

: )  
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