So Long Mustard Birdies ~ Hello, Glitter!

"Say there, friend, you're lookin' pretty sharp!"

When I found these poor li'l birdies, they looked like they'd been bathed in mustard.

That's okay!  I knew just what to do to get them all gussied up for the holidays.

I gave them a little Wet Ones bath!

I primed them with a couple of coats of Krylon's All-Purpose White Primer Spray Paint.
{Waiting at least 15 minutes between delicate layers, of course}

After That
I repeated step 2 with a couple of coats of Krylon's Dover White Spray Paint.
{Have I mentioned that I adore Krylon?  I really don't care to use any other brand...I've found too many of them to be sticky}

I let 'em sit and relax for a few days...I had other things to do.

The vintage Anchor Hocking FireKing milk glass mug was a thrifty find.  I'm using it to hold water for my paintbrush.  The lovely cookie sheet and mini-loaf bread pan are from my childhood.  Don't you just love their patina?  Don't YOU just want me to whip up a couple of batches of cookies & loaves for you?  Well, I assure you, they are all clean & sparky fresh...


A couple of days ago...

...I thought it was about time for the li'l birdies to look all clean & sparkly fresh too.  So, I grabbed my paint brush, gently dipped it in my FireKing mug o' water (pre-dipping your brush in water makes it more user-friendly.  You want the brush to be damp, not drippy).  I then carefully brushed Daniel Smith's Acrylic Medium ~ Gloss onto each bird, one little section at a time (on larger, more uniform pieces, to achieve a smooth finish, it is better to apply the fixative all at once.  I prefer to not have "paint" globbed onto my have more control when you use daintier amounts of product).

I really need to re-wire this lamp.  I absconded with the shade for the lamp I'm using for crafting.  It needs some attention too.  The floor lamp is from my paternal grandparents' home in Minnesota, as is the little painter man in my daddy's secretary.  The wee dude in white formerly lived in my grandpa's den, along with the rest of his li'l carved wooden people collection.  The Painter is my favorite!

"What do you mean, 'He's your favorite?'"


I'm sorry, where was I?

Oh, yes.

After applying the acrylic medium to each little section of the birdies, I gave them a fine dusting of Martha Stewart CRAFTS carrara marble coarse glitter...from Michaels.

I love mustard on my sandwiches, not on my birdies.

What do you think?

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Thank you!

: )

Julie M.


Those turned out very sweet! I've been wanting to try the Martha Stewart glitter. Looks great :)
Thank you, Anita! I'm enjoying working with the Martha Stewart glitter. I bought the 4.58oz bottle with the double pop-up sprinkle top & handle. It's so...uh...HANDY!

: )

Julie M.
lindimity said…
They look so much better after their bath and dressing up! Also, my Mom had a whole orchestra of those carved people that she picked up after the War (#II)when she was stationed in Germany. Aren't they fun?
That is so cool (and fun), Linda! What did your mom end up doing with them?
they look so much happier!
i bought marthas set of 24 glitter tubs and had so much fun playing with them last night. i only used 3 different colours but cant wait to use them all.

I'm a sucker for glitter!! Love this.
Lissa said…
I don't like mustard on my birdies either. Glitter is much better! Happy Thanksgiving!
Uncovered Ruby said…
Love glitter!!! A lot of people are using Martha Stewart's glitter products, I'm going to have to try some I think. Happy Thanksgiving friend!! Lisa ;-)
Kristin said…
Beautiful! I love their make-over!

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