23 February 2011

Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market ~ Part I

Pink roses in the JohnBob Cool Junk booth

A few moments 

 from the

 Come Junk With Us 

Ruffles & Rust Hat Spectacular

Ahhh....that desk was the first thing I noticed upon entering the doors to the show.  How could I not???

Isn't it dreamy?

One of the first familiar faces I saw, Isabel sweetly greeted me...coming across the lane from her booth.    She always finds the prettiest pastel goodness.

Clockwise from top left: A cool black leather chair ~ reminiscent of my dear daddy's, followed by 3 scenes from JohnBob Cool Junk.

Very cool ~ Ice box?

I believe I saw two of these wonderful blue & yellow cubbies at the show.  I've also seen someone else's photo of a lady walking down the aisle with that white planter in her arms...and a big grin on her face.  I have one very much like it in my shop.  I wish I could say the same thing about those cubbies!

Have you visited their beautiful shop in Sumner?

It's such a wonderfully preserved historic town.

I saw a bevy of whimsical little lights at the show...

and some not quite so little...

Speaking of breath-taking lamp shades....

These beauties were the big winners of the night for their spectacular hats!

Congratulations, Ladies!


I happened upon them just outside the booth that held this great cupboard...

 ...which is where I bumped into a couple of fabulous photographers I met at Farm Chicks & Barn House.

A spontaneous style-shoot ensued.

Mimi Charmante & The Fancy Farmgirl

So much fun.

But have you ever wondered how a world-travelin' photographer keeps it all together whilst she snaps her pictures?


Just around the corner were sweet friends, who I also met at Farm Chicks, Liz, my first year...and Patricia, the second...
This is dear Patricia!

Loved her coat!  Love her!

She makes gorgeous jewelry and all sorts of other pretties.  I'll show you my treasures from Tippy another day.

...along with all the lovely things from Liz's booth ~ Seabold Vintage Market.

Ahhhh.....Seabold Vintage Market!!!


Please stay tuned for more from Friday night's 

Ruffles & Rust Hat Spectacular!

Thank you!

: )

Julie M.

Visit Come Junk With Us for more details about the show, and if you can identify any vendor's names I've missed...please let me know!  

16 February 2011

Ruffles & Cuffs...

Whilst searching high and low through my collections for a certain something fun to wear to a spectacular party this weekend...I happened upon this ol' photo of my grandma & her big brother Ralph.

How cute are they?!!

I'll have to ask grandma where they were heading all gussied up like that.

Don't you just love her dress?
{I wish I had it to wear to the party!} 

Now, wouldn't that be fun!

Do you have any big plans this weekend?  

Please stop by Stuff & Nonsense for Alison's Friday's Unfolded Party!

: )

Julie M.

ps  I've added a new category:  Farmgirl Grandma, so...with just one click you can find my Nebraskan mama's mama's sweet stories and pictures on their very own pages.

pps  Some folks have informed me that they're having trouble leaving comments on my blog.  I realize that the comment link is itty bitty tiny, but I don't know how to change that at this time.  You can find the comment link at the base of each post, BELOW the trio of "You might also like" links...after "Posted by The Little Red Shop at such and such a time."  I have comment moderation active...so, you have to wait until I see your comment for it to post to my blog. 

Thank you so much!  
I really appreciate your encouraging words.

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11 February 2011

New Party Clothes...

My dear friend Jenny's li'l Emma recently celebrated a birthday.  On my way to the party, I stopped by Pier 1 to find a couple of sweet things to add to her gift.  Jenny and Casey have been collecting kitchen gadgets & accessories for their wee baker and decided to use that as a theme for the party.

I hadn't intended on finding anything for myself...

But when I saw the ruffled aprons and saw that there was one just MADE to go with my dungarees, cowgirl boots, and snuggly chocolate wrap...

I knew I had to get it and wear it to the party!

But, of course, I couldn't get one just for me.

And you know what?

They had one, just one...in perfectly sherbety colors for Emma...so she could have her very own grown-up apron.


I guess I should have bought more than two!

Right to left:  Emma's wee sister Maddie, kickin' up her heels with her mama & me.  One of Maddie's cousins added a stray birthday ribbon to her polka-dotted ensemble.  Jenny's husband Casey snapped the photo with Jenny's camera.

Jenny fell in love with Emma's new apron the moment she saw it!


I guess I know what I'll be getting her for HER birthday this year.

Do you have a favorite apron?

: )

Julie M.

ps  Have a Happy Weekend!!!

pps  I'm joining my friend Alison's Fridays Unfolded Party over at Stuff & Nonsense and YOU are invited!!!

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06 February 2011

Farmgirl Grandma...

See the li'l gal on the right, that's my Grandma Marie...my mama's mama, with her big brothers George & Ralph and her wee sister Grace.


On this Nebraskan Farm,

In this eight-sided house...

Ninety years ago...today,

My li'l grandma was born!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

We love you!

: )

Julie Marie

For more photos…and to receive regular updates on my fabulous junking adventures and restoration projects, please follow The Little Red Shop's facebook page.  You can also visit us via My Favorite Find , Twitter and Pinterest.

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