Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market ~ Part I

Pink roses in the JohnBob Cool Junk booth

A few moments 

 from the

 Come Junk With Us 

Ruffles & Rust Hat Spectacular

Ahhh....that desk was the first thing I noticed upon entering the doors to the show.  How could I not???

Isn't it dreamy?

One of the first familiar faces I saw, Isabel sweetly greeted me...coming across the lane from her booth.    She always finds the prettiest pastel goodness.

Clockwise from top left: A cool black leather chair ~ reminiscent of my dear daddy's, followed by 3 scenes from JohnBob Cool Junk.

Very cool ~ Ice box?

I believe I saw two of these wonderful blue & yellow cubbies at the show.  I've also seen someone else's photo of a lady walking down the aisle with that white planter in her arms...and a big grin on her face.  I have one very much like it in my shop.  I wish I could say the same thing about those cubbies!

Have you visited their beautiful shop in Sumner?

It's such a wonderfully preserved historic town.

I saw a bevy of whimsical little lights at the show...

and some not quite so little...

Speaking of breath-taking lamp shades....

These beauties were the big winners of the night for their spectacular hats!

Congratulations, Ladies!


I happened upon them just outside the booth that held this great cupboard...

 ...which is where I bumped into a couple of fabulous photographers I met at Farm Chicks & Barn House.

A spontaneous style-shoot ensued.

Mimi Charmante & The Fancy Farmgirl

So much fun.

But have you ever wondered how a world-travelin' photographer keeps it all together whilst she snaps her pictures?


Just around the corner were sweet friends, who I also met at Farm Chicks, Liz, my first year...and Patricia, the second...
This is dear Patricia!

Loved her coat!  Love her!

She makes gorgeous jewelry and all sorts of other pretties.  I'll show you my treasures from Tippy another day.

...along with all the lovely things from Liz's booth ~ Seabold Vintage Market.

Ahhhh.....Seabold Vintage Market!!!


Please stay tuned for more from Friday night's 

Ruffles & Rust Hat Spectacular!

Thank you!

: )

Julie M.

Visit Come Junk With Us for more details about the show, and if you can identify any vendor's names I've missed...please let me know!  


How fun! I'm jealous! I loved the virtual field trip though. Thanks for sharing.
Christy said…
Such beautiful, romantic treasures. Definitely inspiring.
alison said…
but why does it have to happen so far away??? and yes...that cubby shelf is spectacular. thanks for sharing the gorgeousness!


kimberly said…
Wow Julie, you took so many amazing photos! You really captured the booths - bravo! I LOVE the photo of Tiffany and I - would you send it to me so that I can add it to my collection of photos of the two of us??? I would be forever grateful!
So nice to see you again~
Tippy Stockton said…
Thank you my lovely friend! I would have loved to have trailed you all evening as you uncovered amazing vintage goodies. But, thankfully it was busy and I was stuck happily in my cheery space. Love your pics. I think the green armoire/hutch was from my neighbors at Seaworthy :)
Julie, wonderful photos from the show! We don't get a chance to check it out while everything is buzzing with activity. Thank you so much for including us in your blog post. John and Brenda
liz said…
Simply lovely photos . . . love seeing all the booths and love seeing everyone with the hats!! But most of all dear friend - it was lovely spending time with you!!!! :) xoxo - liz
Hey sweet Julie! Your always so kind to give us a shout out! Thank you for that, and it's always So nice to see you!Your photos are breathtaking! Can you please teach me how to take such BEAUTIFUL pictures? or at least give me a clue on what kind of camera for dummies I should buy?:))
beautiful...every bit!!!
Anonymous said…
LOVE all the hats....smiles.
Angie said…
You made me want to do some serious shopping today! Good thing it's raining hard ... not my kind of shopping weather. Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a great day!

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