Ruffles & Cuffs...

Whilst searching high and low through my collections for a certain something fun to wear to a spectacular party this weekend...I happened upon this ol' photo of my grandma & her big brother Ralph.

How cute are they?!!

I'll have to ask grandma where they were heading all gussied up like that.

Don't you just love her dress?
{I wish I had it to wear to the party!} 

Now, wouldn't that be fun!

Do you have any big plans this weekend?  

Please stop by Stuff & Nonsense for Alison's Friday's Unfolded Party!

: )

Julie M.

ps  I've added a new category:  Farmgirl Grandma, so...with just one click you can find my Nebraskan mama's mama's sweet stories and pictures on their very own pages.

pps  Some folks have informed me that they're having trouble leaving comments on my blog.  I realize that the comment link is itty bitty tiny, but I don't know how to change that at this time.  You can find the comment link at the base of each post, BELOW the trio of "You might also like" links...after "Posted by The Little Red Shop at such and such a time."  I have comment moderation, you have to wait until I see your comment for it to post to my blog. 

Thank you so much!  
I really appreciate your encouraging words.

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Her dress is really beautiful! I so love old photographs.I am new to your blog and I am so glad that I found it!
Thank you, Alicia! : )
What an adorable picture! Love their threads too=)!
lindimity said…
What a great picture. And your great uncle (?) was a hunk. I love his turned-up jean cuffs...just like the young John Wayne!
lindimity said…
By the way, my comment posted on the first try this time. A first!
Alison said…
how happy do they look in this photo? love it. some of my favorite photos are of my brothers and me at my wedding...very special. thanks for linking up my friend!


Oh how I wish I had such a wonderful pic of my grandma like that. How lucky you are. Following the Friday blog hop. Come on by and see me.
Windy Ridge said…
OHHH, LOVE the ruffles and cuffs! What style!:)

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