New Party Clothes...

My dear friend Jenny's li'l Emma recently celebrated a birthday.  On my way to the party, I stopped by Pier 1 to find a couple of sweet things to add to her gift.  Jenny and Casey have been collecting kitchen gadgets & accessories for their wee baker and decided to use that as a theme for the party.

I hadn't intended on finding anything for myself...

But when I saw the ruffled aprons and saw that there was one just MADE to go with my dungarees, cowgirl boots, and snuggly chocolate wrap...

I knew I had to get it and wear it to the party!

But, of course, I couldn't get one just for me.

And you know what?

They had one, just perfectly sherbety colors for she could have her very own grown-up apron.


I guess I should have bought more than two!

Right to left:  Emma's wee sister Maddie, kickin' up her heels with her mama & me.  One of Maddie's cousins added a stray birthday ribbon to her polka-dotted ensemble.  Jenny's husband Casey snapped the photo with Jenny's camera.

Jenny fell in love with Emma's new apron the moment she saw it!


I guess I know what I'll be getting her for HER birthday this year.

Do you have a favorite apron?

: )

Julie M.

ps  Have a Happy Weekend!!!

pps  I'm joining my friend Alison's Fridays Unfolded Party over at Stuff & Nonsense and YOU are invited!!!

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Alison said…
Such cute little ruffly aprons. Love. Them. Thanks for joining up Julie!

P.S. Adore the rusty blue car in your header shot...:)
That is really very nice!

It doesnt seem to be impossible to make oneself either... I think I will keep my eye open for clothes with nice patterns the next time I go to the thrift store to see if there is something I could use.
Jen said…
Emma pulls out that apron every time she's in the kitchen! It makes her feel pretty. She spins and twirls as she creates her yummy concoctions. It's so sweet!
Windy Ridge said…
SO cute! I love aprons and have a tattered collecton of vintage ones:)
April said…
I adore those aprons! And what a clever idea ... I never thought to use them as fashion accessories!

visiting from the Stuff and Nonsense link-up!
I love aprons! I have my grandmas old ones and used to make child size ones for my girls!
Seizing My Day said…
Not YET!! I want to make them one day!! =)
I love the ones you showed us!!

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