Farmgirl Grandma...

See the li'l gal on the right, that's my Grandma mama's mama, with her big brothers George & Ralph and her wee sister Grace.


On this Nebraskan Farm,

In this eight-sided house...

Ninety years,

My li'l grandma was born!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

We love you!

: )

Julie Marie

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Kristin said…
I enjoyed the photos of your grandma and that adorable house! What a lovely birthday girl!
Alison said…
I love that little eight-side house! Have you been inside it?

Happy Birthday Julie's grandma!
Thank you! I haven't been inside the mom, auntie and I just drove up the drive this past summer and I snapped a few pictures.

: )

Julie M.
Such a sweet brothers and sisters photo, and to live in that adorable house!

XO Glad & Celia
Seizing My Day said…
I love that eight sided house... you showed us once before, no? =) Sweet post for your grandma! =)
Bethany said…
What sweet pictures of your grandma!
And that house! It is just precious!

♥ Bethany
Yes! I showed the house along with a few other scenes from neighboring farms around where my grandparents were born.

: )

Julie M.

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