Alice and the Tall Old House...

Last week, my friend Alice invited me to go on a little road trip with her.  She was planning to head Southeast to fetch her grandbaby.  Her son-in-law...who, in his early thirties, happens to be just a few months younger than Alice...would be meeting us half-way from his home in Oregon.

If you only picture rain forests, ferry boats, and piping hot espresso when "The Emerald State" comes to might be a little surprised by a good portion of the terrain of Eastern Washington.

Isn't God amazing!!!

Alice had been wanting to show me a little town on the way to Bend, (Oregon)..which has some really cute shops.  Unfortunately, it turned out that said town was 45 minutes PAST our meeting point with Alice's Goldendale, Washington.

We decided to drive around the lil' town a bit...we didn't see any shops...but...

...we did see this.


This is the view of Mt. Adams from Goldendale!

If you'd like to live in the shadow of a 12,276 foot volcano...

This house is for sale!



Wouldn't The Little Red Shop look lovely in this ol' beauty!!!

Well, moving a wee bungalow 1 block is one thing.

Moving this painted lovely 2 1/2 hours across cowboy country...would be quite a different story!

I would have loved to see inside the house...but we didn't have time.  We were planning to head on back to Yakima to do a little treasure hunting...(with an already sleepy toddler in tow).  I won't mention the fantastic things I found there...then I might just have to post about them...on another day.

The Charles Newell House was built in 1891, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Speaking of cowboy country...

My friend Patrick's project for the Wyoming Short Film contest won the popular vote and was the top-rated entry!  Thank you so much to everyone who viewed and voted for "Absaroka!"  Now, the final decision is up to the judges.  They will announce the Grand Prize Winner on May 21st 2010.

Have yet to see "Absaroka," just click here! 

Thank you!

Have a beautiful day!

: )

Julie M.

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Ohhh,I love that house and the landscape is so beautiful!
Sonjia Hill said…
oooh, ooh, ooh, loved this post, Julie! Sounds like such a fun trip! And it sooo reminded me of when Mom, Dad, Jerad and I drove 'out west' to come visit you guys when I was in higschool! It made me fall in love with wide-open areas...and made me want to marry a cowboy! Well, I guess I didn't marry a cowboy, but I did get a 'hum-dinger' of a guy! :-) Thanks for a fun, beautiful post! Love yoooou, Couz!
craftyles said…
That house is lovely. I wouldn't mind moving in there especially with all that beautiful scenery around.
Ann said…
Hi Julie~We were stationed in Tacoma, WA for 2 years. We flew into SeaTac from Germany to begin our life there, so I didn't get to see the eastern part of WA. Hubby spent a lot of time in Yakima. He would come back telling me how Eastern Washington was a desert but I just couldn't believe it since I hadn't seen it and was living in such lush greenery. Well, when the time came for us to move and drive to our next duty station, VA, and we crossed that mountain pass I was stunned! You are right, God is amazing in his creations!! Thanks for the sweet memories of our time in the Pacific Northwest. :)
The Tattered Tassel
Shirley said…
Those sky photoare beautiful.. I was noticing the ski here too yesterday. Really pretty.
That tall victorian house is really beautiful. I'd love to see the inside!
Jen said…
The Little Red Shop would look so sweet in front of a tall, sweetly gingerbreaded house! But I know you're turning your bungalow into just as much of a welcoming beauty. :)
Such beauty in God's country!
LOVE the house! **gasp!**

lindimity said…
Yes. Goldendale in springtime is beautiful. The house is just perfect for you; can't wait till you've finished fixing your new shop using all the wonderful ideas you've come across on your travels!
Anonymous said…
Mt. Adams is huge and beautiful. I've never heard of it before - and I lived up in Portland. It's a volcano,eh? No thanks then ;) I stay down here in earthquake country. What beautiful scenery though.
Oh, wow, I just love this house! How charming is that?! I love the colors and the windows. Too bad it's so far away!
Beautiful views and what an adorable red house.
How beautiful it is there! And that is a great house!!
Unknown said…
the pictures are gorgeous! Ans yes!, God ids truly amazing! I am from Washington state and miss it so much. We lived 45 min. North of Seattle...I would love that little red house sweet. Looks like you had a nice trip. Thank you also for your prayers for Ben and my hubby... so appreciated. Blessings, Mica/The child's Paper
Ann said…
What a spectacular part of this country. Yes God is magnificent--painting everything so perfect. I've never been to Oregon. The house is so cute-would love to own it. Happy Wednesday.
Seizing My Day said…
Oh My Word! I wouldn't live that close to a mountain after living near enough to Mt St Helens when it blew! thank you ... um.. No! But...

I love it love it!!! Wow! be still my heart!

I love a good ride through Eastern Wa! went to college in Ellensburg for a bit! I heart Ellensburg!! =)

Which side of the mountains do you live on in Wa?! I am in the Capital City! =)

Have you ever been to Cannon Beach?! Worth every minute of the drive!! =)
Ms. Bake-it said…
Oh wow! The house - the landscape! Gorgeous! Fabulous pictures Julie!
LV said…
Thank you for another trip to Oregon. Several, several years ago, I went to Eugene. It was a nice trip but do not recall seeing so much beauty as you shared today.
Lisa said…
How really cool! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa
Susan Freeman said…
I live in Idaho and have been to Bend many times, but I never did see that house. It's a beauty!!

Susan and Bentley
joanna said…
I love the Pacific North West lived out here for 30+ years and never looked back. We have everything the high desert, snow capped mountains, active volcanoes, the Pacific Ocean.

Your pictures captured some of this beauty-- splendid photography. We have a great country.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday,
That landscape is breathtaking! And the house - they can move it to Massachusetts!
It's a beauty, Julie. I love beautiful old houses too, and see beauty even in the ones which haven't been kept up or restored.

Happy Rednesday!

My first Rednesday is at this link:
Sherrie said…
What a charming house, I would feel right at home.
Daniela said…
That is breathtaking landscape :)
Anonymous said…
I just discovered your blog through "Hooked on Houses" and I loved this post! I am from the Seattle area, but went to college at Washington State University (far south-eastern corner of Washington state) and I made the drive back and forth across the mountains too many times to count - and the trip is full of beautiful farmhouses with views like this one! I particularly like this red painted house, though. :)
Momx6 said…
I found your site in a link on another blog - and the red house drew me in...only to see Goldendale, WA! Years ago, about 40 to be husband worked in an orchard in Sundale, WA. I would drive miles and miles through the "desert" to buy groceries in Goldendale. We also went to Bend, OR once. I loved seeing your pics! What are the chances??????????

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