05 May 2010

Alice and the Tall Old House...

Last week, my friend Alice invited me to go on a little road trip with her.  She was planning to head Southeast to fetch her grandbaby.  Her son-in-law...who, in his early thirties, happens to be just a few months younger than Alice...would be meeting us half-way from his home in Oregon.

If you only picture rain forests, ferry boats, and piping hot espresso when "The Emerald State" comes to mind...you might be a little surprised by a good portion of the terrain of Eastern Washington.

Isn't God amazing!!!

Alice had been wanting to show me a little town on the way to Bend, (Oregon)..which has some really cute shops.  Unfortunately, it turned out that said town was 45 minutes PAST our meeting point with Alice's son-in-law....in Goldendale, Washington.

We decided to drive around the lil' town a bit...we didn't see any shops...but...

...we did see this.


This is the view of Mt. Adams from Goldendale!

If you'd like to live in the shadow of a 12,276 foot volcano...

This house is for sale!



Wouldn't The Little Red Shop look lovely in this ol' beauty!!!

Well, moving a wee bungalow 1 block is one thing.

Moving this painted lovely 2 1/2 hours across cowboy country...would be quite a different story!

I would have loved to see inside the house...but we didn't have time.  We were planning to head on back to Yakima to do a little treasure hunting...(with an already sleepy toddler in tow).  I won't mention the fantastic things I found there...then I might just have to post about them...on another day.

The Charles Newell House was built in 1891, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Speaking of cowboy country...

My friend Patrick's project for the Wyoming Short Film contest won the popular vote and was the top-rated entry!  Thank you so much to everyone who viewed and voted for "Absaroka!"  Now, the final decision is up to the judges.  They will announce the Grand Prize Winner on May 21st 2010.

Have yet to see "Absaroka," just click here! 

Thank you!

Have a beautiful day!

: )

Julie M.

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