Introducing...The Little Red Shop!


Welcome to The Little Red Shop, a sweet boutique in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Established in 2002, on the grounds of a former plant nursery, we offer fine gifts, vintage treasures, and handmade goods for you, your home, and store, and online!

It's always fun to hear what people have to say upon their first visit to the shop...

They often gasp.

They look around...

They smile.

Bunnies by the Bay's Buzzbee Stuffed Animal
Bunnies by the Bay's Buzzbee 

They sigh...

and one dear new customer recently said, 

"Ohhhh...I hope no one else knows about this place... I want it to all to myself." sweet as that is, I'd love for all y'all to tell your friends & family about our beautiful little shop. 


Bunnies by the Bay's Girlbug

I made a li'l intro video. 


I hope you like it. 

The Little Red Shop Boutique

We're currently open by appointment for in-store shopping, and local pick up of online orders. Just give us a call if you need a sweet gift for a loved one...or for yourself! (509) 607-4982 You can also shop with us online, 24/7. We have an absolutely gorgeous selection...and we ship! 

God bless you!

Julie M. 

ps We LOVE it when our dear clients share their sweet finds, and gifts received from The Little Red Shop on social media. You can tag us with the links below, and by using #TheLittleRedShop

Thank you! 

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