Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen ~ Before & After

When I found my 1910 farm style house, it had been bungled beyond simple repair.  Yet, as I walked through its lumpy-painted, wall-to-wall carpeted, crooked foundation of goodness, I grinned from ear-to-ear.

Espresso Cups & Saucers ~ Starbucks

The Original Butter Bell,  Ironstone Plate ~ Thrifty Finds

Red Plate ~ Fred Meyer 

Gutted at some point, layered in linoleum and pieced-together 1950's cupboards, the kitchen was the worst of all.

Seriously, it needed some major help.

Lavender Sachet ~ Seabold Vintage Market

A gift from a dear friend

Swedish Dancer Hook ~ Family "Heirloom"

3 Milk Bottles ~ The Bungalow

3 Black Milk Bottle "Caps" ~ Kitchenaid 

I waited a few years before tackling the job.  In the meantime, I collected more pretty (mostly thrifty) treasures for the space...always able to picture what the "After" would be.

Stacked ironstone ~ Johnson Bros. & Ridgway

Red Pail w/ Plaid lid ~ 25 cent Thrifty Find

Swedish Dancers Tin ~ Tre Kronor

Red & White Enamel Basin ~ Estate Sale Find

Red & White Vintage Recipe Box ~ Clayson Farm Antique Show

I began collecting red & white enamelware before acquiring the Bungalow, which came with a few pieces (not shown).  

Red Chantal Teapot (r) ~ Christmas Gift

I keep breakfast goodies like tea, wassail, & protein bars in the tins.  The recipe box if filled with packets of hot cocoa.

Whoa...I'm sorry.

Did you want to see the ugly before bits?

Okay, stand's how my little breakfast hutch corner looked in 2010, when it turned 100.
(To see some before photos of the hutch base, here.)



(This is where the Harvest Gold fridge was when I found the house)

Mmm...mmm, what was I thinking?  Why did I want to change a thing?

All I did (in 2006) was...

Scrub it down, remove the linoleum, clean up & paint the wood floors, add brackets, and hand-cut trim work from left-over solid wood pieces (no mdf!)...

Re-plaster over the lumpy original lathe & plaster walls and ceiling

Sand it, Prime it, Paint it, Caulk it...and um...

Chalkboard it!


I like to recycle.

I thought a chalkboard was the perfect solution for the odd space that was boarded up when someone cut an old cupboard to "fit" this corner. 


Here's an old grainy "After" photo from back in the day...

I um...haven't changed the chalkboard decor...ever.

I actually see this as an "in-between"kitchen (it literally the center of the house). Eventually, I hope to open things up a bit more to expand the space and bring in more light and work space.

You can see visuals for some of my ideas for the next phase of the kitchen here.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit, I hope to share more before & after photos from my little kitchen soon!

In the meantime, you can see more photos & stories about "Ma Cuisine" here!

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Bon Appetit!  

: )

Julie M.

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Lisa said…
I love your home! How great you are so handy and can do it all. I have no patience for that! Years you have been working. Well done you!!
Hugs, Lisa
Thank you, Lisa!

: )

Julie M.
Brandi said…
I love your vintage kitchen. You made a lot of updates in there. Your red and white dishes are so pretty.
Chubby Chieque said…
Your vintage are adorable. It fits in my kitchen too §;-)
I mean, my kitchen have a red, white, black motives, therefore I would do anything to grab the red treasures you have.

Hope you have a great day & week ahead.

/CC girl
Louise Marie said…
i am so jealous! You do what i only dream of doing. i think that i am capable,but unless i just jump in and start doing, i will never know.
Beautiful, my lady, just beautiful!
you really did a great job in that space!
The HOME GIRL said…
This is such a great transformation! Looks wonderful! =)
nannykim said…
love all of the red and white. I used to live in a cottage and I miss it a bit---but it was quite drafty and had a lot of maintaining to do!
Karie said…
Wow! Great transformation. And I love the red and white. Looks great. Thanks for sharing. Karie
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful makeover! I love all the red and white - so pretty!
emily said…
We love vintage too! So all your collected trinkets!
em @
Lots of hard work and wonderful results!!

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