The Vintage Quarterly, Part II


The last few months went by in a whirlwind!!  Can you believe that Christmas is almost upon us?  I'm still getting things in gear and I am most definitely excited about the holiday season!

Are you?

You can read about my latest little adventure here!

The Scoop!

I've been blessed to meet a LOT of sweet new folks this year as I've snapped pictures across the countryside and at various events.  Some of y'all have requested to order prints of my photos.  I've sent proofs & a price sheet to those of you who've sent me notes.  If you haven't received them, please check your "other" Facebook message file, or your email's spam folder.  If I didn't send you a note, and you'd like to order some prints, you can message me through The Little Red Shop's Facebook page, or send me an email at the little red shop at gmail dot com.  

You can see all of the pictures I've posted into albums on The Little Red Shop's Facebook page here.     

I have to run and wrap some pretty baby gifts for a client, put the finishing touches on a Christmas sign for another, order some fine & yummy things, hunt for more treasures for the shop....

and get a coffee.

: )

I hope you had a really sweet Thanksgiving weekend, that the rest of your November is wonderful and that your December will be blessed beyond measure!!

Julie M.

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