Vintage Father's Day...


This is one of my favorite pictures of one of my very best friends.

Andrews' Cabin, Whidbey Island, circa 1970-something

Quick-witted, close-talking, God-fearing, hymn-singing, family/food & friend-loving, storytelling,  roller coaster-riding, board game-playing, movie-geek'n...


Big-time-snoring, big-time dreaming, belly-laughing, coffee-hating, pink shirt-wearing, mom-adoring...


I know he wasn't perfect...

But he is now!

{Updated:  Father's Day, 2012}

This year will be the ninth year (now 11th) my daddy will celebrate Father's Day with his father...and our heaven…and the first with my big brother, Bryan.  

{Now…back to 2010}

May God richly bless you and your loved ones...and may you cherish each and every moment of time you have with them!

Happy Father's Day!

: )

Julie M.

ps  In honor of my dear daddy, my mama and I attended the late-showing of "Killers" last night.  If you enjoy  good old early 1980's silly spy-spoof TV Magnum P.I., Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Remington Steele, and Hart to Hart...then this is the movie for YOU!!!  

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what wonderful words to describe someone so dear to brought a tear to my eye. xxrosey
Coffee hating? Oh dear... But since he adored your mom and wore pink shirts, he's forgiven. :)

How sweet that you attended a movie in his memory. ♥

PS LOVED Scarecrow and Mrs. King cuz I loved Bruce!
Wendys Hat said…
What a nice tribute!

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