Vintage Beauties ~ Stars & Stripes

Happy Flag Day!

When I first happened upon this family photo whilst venturing through my grandmother's collection, I thought…

"Hmm…could this be one of my grandma's maternal aunties?"

In fact, when I showed my 91 year old grandma this photo sometime in the last year or so, she sighed and said…


It's not her mama…though they definitely look alike.
{Well…we're pretty sure it's not her…}

Grandma's mama, Ritta, is on the right, along with her mama, mama's brother, Uncle Ike, and...I believe, his wife.  

My great grandma, who went to be with the Lord in 1989…at 89, had 4 sisters.

Iva Christina, Sina



{They had brothers, too…but let's leave them for another day.}

I've featured Cora & Orpha in previous posts on this blog.

My mom remembers her Great Aunt Orphie and speaks of her with grand affection.  She's easy to identify in pictures.  Cora, who pioneered out west with her new husband & 2nd cousin...George Rookstool…corresponded regularly with her little sister Ritta, and Ritta's husband, my Great Grandpa Roy, so we have a plethora of photos of her branch of the family as well.

"To Roy & Family,"

she wrote,

"Here we are…How Do you like the looks of us"

Timple, Uncle Cousin George, Baby Lester, Great Grand Aunt Cora ~ Wyoming, circa 1921

Iva Christina


….however, remain a mystery.  

When I saw this lovely, whose picture was found next to the flag-flying girlie…I thought…


Holy cow!  She looks a LOT like my mama!!

Of course, she isn't…

My mama's on the right, circa 1960'something


So, what do you think?

Could the mysterious lovelies be Iva & Sina?  To which era do you think they belong?  Iva was born in 1891, and passed away as a married young mama in 1919.  Sina was born in 1894.

Oh, and I do believe I recently solved one other unidentified photo mystery.

Remember Uncle Ike?  

Hmm…but who is the lady?  He was married twice during his lifetime... (1861-1938)

Do you think she's the gal to his right...under the tree?


: )

Julie M.

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Roeshel said…
I think it's so special, so awesome that you have these pictures!I know so very little about my family back further than grandparents. The pictures are amazing and love the story. :)
Unknown said…
What great family photos :)


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