Vintage Stool Makeover: from Oogly to the Cat's Meow!

Hi there!

How do I look?

Please don't tell anyone, but I've had a little work done.

You may look at me and think, "WOW!  How did you shed all of those layers?"

The truth is…I didn't.


Not a single one!


(Buddy, inadvertently perfectly posed and snapped the very same day...)


Beautiful, right?

Mmmm…I wasn't just lovely on the outside, I was falling apart!  Fortunately, I didn't have to have my photo taken when I completely fell to pieces.

Don't worry!

All I needed was a little liquid nail treatment…after a gentle sanding.




A little more sanding…



…and I am good to go!  
{To The Little Red Shop and Beyond}

: )

Julie M.

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Very good job indeed!!! Love it this post...all the best,Chrissy

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