Vintage Mirror Mirrors…on the Grass


I didn't forget about you…mirrors.

A few weeks ago, after seeing the lovely old piece on the left (which was originally plain ol' oak like the dresser in the background) at a local antique mall…I left without buying it.

I could not


thinking about it.

So I went back and bought it.

A few days later, I found the solid gold beauty on the right.


Yep, but no, not really.

Inspired by my friends who suggested a red treatment for the Chippendale Style mirror in 2 previous posts…

I gave it a red treatment.


I didn't take before pictures of it either.

This picture makes me happy.

The End

: )

Julie M.

ps  As I mentioned to the folks on facebook, before taking close-up pictures of mirrors and other types of glass…make sure your cleaning attempts haven't left behind any fluffy goodness.

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Christy said…
Gorgeous mirrors. Love it!
myric andreasen said…
Very nice! I am attempting to achieve rustic style on my projects. They are not as good as these!

Oh Well, Someday...


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