Seabold Vintage Market ~Spring Flea

If you're in the Seattle area, one of the first fabulous vintage shows of the season is taking place just a ferry ride away on Bainbridge Island this weekend!

Oh, how I wish I could go…my lovely friend Liz is hosting the show, one I've never been blessed to attend!  Oy.  

Please visit Seabold Vintage Market for more details.

Did I mention that Liz has her very own fabric line?
Bainbridge Blues

On top of that…

She has a darling clothing line for children!

Hattie Bird

To see more of my photos from Seabold Vintage Market at last summer's Barn House ~ A Vintage Country Marketplace…along with many of my photos from the booth's of other wonderful vendors, and even more fancy fleas, please visit The Little Red Shop's Facebook Page. 

I update my facebook regularly and have many many more photos to post…and sweet shows (and friends) to visit!


: )

Julie M.

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