Wrapping up Junk ~ Steampunk Style

If you read this post, you know that last September, I was blessed with the opportunity to go on a little road trip with my mama, and to attend Junk Bonanza!

Steampunk Industries

I've posted the remainder of my pictures on The Little Red Shop's Facebook page.  They're organized from newest to oldest.


I could certainly do a lot of organizing with these fabulous old boxes…from an unknown vendor.

I'm sorry that I didn't get the proper digits for this stack of goodness, either.

I do, however, know the source of this trove of treasures.

Do you?
(And can you guess which bit of rusty wonder went home with me?)

I'll give you a hint.  Not only was it a royal treat to attend Junk Bonanza, along the way, one of the sweetest things about the adventure was passing notes back and forth with one of my fabulous new vintage friends…who was speeding 1/2 way across the country with her hubby, yep, en route to the show!


I showed her my first fabulous find (dropped it off at her booth so I wouldn't have to carry it around…), she laughed at the fact that I'd bought such a thing…and I told her to sit on it.

Lisa Soeurs Designs Jewelry

What a good sport…but she wasn't the only one.  While visiting with Lisa after the show, dropping off more goodies that she INSISTED on lugging back across the country for me (pretty rough, I know)…Ki stopped by…

And made fun of my "new" washtub.

That's right.

She was a great sport too!

What a wonderful show!

Thank you, ladies!!!

: )

Julie M.

Oh, I almost forgot…here are a few of the treasures "I" brought home.

Click here for information about early bird admission to Junk Bonanza 2012!

To see more show photos, etc...please visit my facebook page, where you can also follow The Little Red Shop, or you can visit us via Pinterest and Twitter.


Atticmag said…
Junk Bonanza. What a hoot. Looks like such a good time. Sometimes I think that term describes my life. Better, perhaps, as a place to go. Enjoy your loot! Jane
Lisa said…
I found your blog by way of the Barn House boys...I love BH, Liz of Seabold and Lisa Souers too. Your photos are delightful.
Lisa said…
Hi Julie, Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. I love your photos and do hope that my readers click through to visit The Little Red Shop. I just noticed that you ask for written notice to use you images. My apologies for overlooking that. I hope you will forgive my mistake, but if you would like me to take the picture down, I absolutely understand.
As a small effort to make it right, I would love to do a profile of you and your business on my blog. I think my readers would love it. I followed you on Twitter, so we can DM about it over there if you are open to it. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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