A Bokeh Christmas Wish...

A couple of weeks ago, I said, "Lord, could I please learn how to take some great bokeh shots?"  I was blessed with a new camera for my birthday last spring, but for many reasons, have yet to take the time to really get to know it.  And then, within days of the aforementioned request, whilst sitting behind the counter in my shop, looking at my little world through the camera's lens…

I saw this sweet goodness!

And this!

And outside the shop, in my little lane…I saw this!

Nestled in the house with... 

Georgie & Tallulah

I saw this...

Merry New Year to ME!!!
Thank you, Lord!
Happy 12th Day of Christmas to YOU!!!

: )

Julie M.

You can find more holiday photos (etc…) on The Little Red Shop's Facebook Page!  


so now i know what 'bokeh' means!

these photos are so glistening
and sparkly

love them!

Christy said…
wow these great bokeh shots! so sparkling!

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