Vintage Lunchbox Love


I know what you're thinking.

"Now that my kids are back in school, I want to get organized and I just don't know where to start!  And…um, I've also been wondering what to do with my old lunchbox."


That's right, this is my brother Jeffy's Disney box, don't tell him…unless you think he happens to know the whereabouts of MY beloved Bionic Woman lunchbox.  


So, what's a girl to do?

Just grab that ol' lunchbox, a couple of terra cotta bricks stuffed in some old inside-out tube socks, pop 'em in the box and it's good to…


And for my kind friends on facebook who thought I shouldn't restore my 5 panel doors…did you get an eyeful of this one?  Nice, ooool' paint jobs, eh?  


What fun is life without projects?

(I'm adding this post, as one of my favorites of 2011…to Beth's link party!)

Now, back to the past...

In related lunch & color story news, here is a deleted scene from yesterday's post.

{Do not try this at home!}

"Yum" mug ~ Bath & Body Works
{Shh…don't tell, I bought it at GW for $1.00!}

"Sweet" mug ~ Chaps Coffee Co.
{A birthday gift from my mama, the night we dined at Chaps!}

Happy Frugal Friday, everyone!

The Shabby Nest

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Have a beautiful weekend!

: )

Julie M.

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Suzanne said…
I love these adorable mugs!
Alison Agnew said…
i had a bionic woman lunch box!
and oh do i miss it

perhaps there is a certain someone out there
with sticky fingers
who is stealing the world's supply
of 1970s super hero lunch boxes


i do love the idea of weighing down that lunch box
for a cute vintage door stop

so glad you shared this at fridays unfolded my friend!

Lunchbox as doorstop - it's so crazy it just might work! Actually its brilliant. Have 1 old lunchbox from the Star Trek movies days and never had any idea what to do with it... hubby's home office is getting a better doorstop (he currently has the cat - she is pretty unreliable)
That's the cutest doorstop I've ever seen. Very creative. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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