The Road to Ruffles & Rust…an Autumn Detour

On the way to the big show the other day, we took a wrong turn.

What a grand misfortune,


To top it off…there was a Starbucks just around the corner.

: )

Julie M.

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Kelly Ann said…
This is the one time of the year that doesn't last long enough for me...if we could only superglue those leaves to the trees for a couple extra weeks...
Alison Agnew said…
fall foliage
in all its autumn glory

and a piping hot mochachino
to top it off?

Sheila said…
Wow! Those photos are gorgeous! Where did you take them? I'm just north of Seattle.
Kelly Ann ~ Wouldn't that be fabulous! Alison ~ It's a skinny venti nonfat 2 1/2 pump "pumpkin spice" latte for me! Sheila ~ We were just south of Monroe. I don't remember the exit, it was an office park…an office park! What a fine place to go to work everyday.

: )

Julie M.
What a lovely park to find on the wrong exit! I just love the colors of autumn.

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