A Tadbit Cold, but Beautiful Day for Blooms...

I headed back out of doors today to snap a few photos of some of my favorite things.


Snapdragons...avec one wee fly.

Poppies just waiting to bloom outside The Little Red Shop


{I see that a naughty maple has edged its way into the bunch!}

Yesterday's Cedar Waxwing in the Apple Tree

The birds, flowers, and bugs aren't the only things loving all of the rain we've been getting this year.


The frogs are really digging it too!

Bunnies by the Bay's "Tadbit," hanging out with his bugsy friends...inside The Little Red Shop.


He's no dummy.  It may have been beautiful outside today...but it was cooold and windy!

I hope you're having a beautiful week!

: )

Julie M.


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