Retreat & Seabold Vintage Market ~ The Farm Chicks Show ~ Part II

In 2010, The Farm Chicks Show was the last major stop on a multi-week road trip which started with my mama and me leaving Washington to head 1/2 way across the country to pick up my dear auntie in Minnesota.  We then swung down to Nebraska for my mom's 50th high school reunion, ran back up to Minnesota to spend a li'l more time with auntie's family and then zoomed on back to Spokane, through hail, fog, tornado & flash-flood warnings.  By the time we reached our hotel the night before the big show, it was midnight...and we were exhausted.

Fast-forward to this year:  The plan was to leave town at a decent we could reach our hotel in time to go out for a lovely dinner at Chaps...and get some yummy rest to prepare for the big day ahead of us.

That didn't happen.

We ended up pulling into Moses Lake sometime in the late evening, with one thing on our minds...Pizza Hut!  Unfortunately, a party of 30ish had the same idea and it literally took about an hour to get our food.  It was delicious, mind you, and the staff was very nice...but shortly before we were ready to hit the road, a party of 25 came in...our waiter was nowhere to be found, and the cashier couldn't find our bill.

We ended up pulling into our hotel, after taking a couple of unwanted circles around downtown Spokane, around 11 pm, exhausted.

But remember, that pizza was REALLY yummy.

The "Tent Camping" sign is pointing toward my new galvanized "Fall City" bucket.

As mom got ready for bed, I stayed up flipping through the instruction manual for my new camera...with the hope that I could possibly turn out a few nice pictures or two...until after 3am.


I did not plan that with the clock.  Nor did I plan the coordination with the text and any of the other pictures.  Isn't that funny?

3 of the darling lavender sachets (in the scale) headed back west with us.  

Thank you, Liz! 

One for my mama, one for my friend Alice, who was home celebrating an anniversary with her hubby, and one for me.


3 hours of sleep!

I woke up automatically and got ready to head to the show!

Mom relaxed at the hotel that day and was blessed to be able to have lunch with one of her childhood friends from Nebraska...who was a missionary in Africa...with whom I lived in Pasadena my last quarter of school in L.A....who now lives in Spokane.  Got it?


This pretty ironstone bowl came home with me, as did the memory of a beautiful weekend spent with my mama and wonderful friends.  Amongst those friends were two sweet gals who've been a great encouragement to my mom and me over the last 2 1/2 months.

Thank you, Deb & Liz! 
(aka Retreat & Seabold Vintage Market)

God Bless You!

: )

Julie M.


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liz said…
You are always so sweet for including our little booth . . . am loving all the close-ups that you took with your new camera!! But - more than anything . . . I LOVE the way you tell your stories of your journey . . . it is sooooo fun to read and it always makes me smile!!!

I feel soooo blessed to know you Julie!! Love and Hugs - both to you and your mom!!! xoxo - liz
Wendys Hat said…
Sounds like a great trip for you and your Mother {which is just what you deserve}! I love the detail in each and every picture. Wow!
Retreat said…
Miss Julie, you always take the most beautiful photos and have the most charming way of 'spinning a yarn' in your posts! Thank you so much for your constant support... we just adore you! And we hope to see you and Mom at our Summer Retreat Vintage Market ;0)

Deb @Retreat
Ahhh....thank you so much, ladies. I am so thankful for your friendship!

: )

Julie M.
I here I thought it was a challenge for me to try and go! Hoep it goes better for you next year! ♥

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