Update: Urgent Prayer Needed

Update as of 5:00pm 4/5/11

Bryan is completely unresponsive without sedation meds.  He was responding a little this morning and still has a fever.  They are going to do another MRI. 

Please hold him up in your prayers!!!


Tammy Nichols said…
I will get on my knees right now and pray for all of those involved in Bryans care. Don't give up, and tell him not to, even if he is not responding. Tell him everything, that his horse and dog are ok, and that he needs to not give up. Send him some super positive thoughts and and strength. I will pray for you all, please keep us updated. Much love to you all!
Ms. Bake-it said…
I prayed for your brother again this morning as well as the doctor's and nurses in charge of his care. I also prayed for your family.

red ticking said…
dear julie... i will surely pray for your dear brother and know God has you all in HIS loving care.... xoxo
Farmgirl Paints said…
Oh Julie I am so so sorry to hear of this with your brother. I am lifting him and your family up right now. May God give you the grace and comfort to get through this extremely hard time.
I'm so sorry, my prayers are with you!
Uncovered Ruby said…
Oh Julie, I just now saw this, but I will definitely begin praying for divine reversal in his body, and healing through our Lord Jesus Christ! Please keep us updated..
Farmgirl Paints said…
Just checking in to see how it's going. Still lifting you up.

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