Seabold Vintage Market ~ Ruffles & Rust Pt II

I was so happy when I heard that Seabold Vintage Market was taking part in Ruffles & Rust.

Growing up, fashion & interior design held a place near and dear to my heart.  

That hasn't changed. 

   Some of my earliest and happiest memories include regularly rearranging my room (I take after my daddy in that department) and making sure that the pretty things on my dresser were arranged "just so."  

Yeah, I get that from my dad too. 

When I first met Liz, from Seabold Vintage Market, at The Farm Chicks' 2009 Antique Show, I knew I'd happened upon a kindred spirit. 

 Her beautiful booth spoke to my heart instantly & stopped me right in my tracks.  We visited for a while, and I left the show that day having found, not just cool vintage treasures...

 I ended up with a sweet new friend.

Liz and me at Ruffles & Rust, February 18th 2011
{I'll tell y'all about my get up in my next post}
This photo was taken with my camera by Brea, of CYE Photography

Thank you, Brea!  

Ahh...I just love the industrial pieces Liz finds...

...and primroses.  They are one of my most very favorite flowers.

Milk glass & throw pillows, who can resist them?

I know I can't.

I think I've stated it in the past...but I have a thing for green boxes...

...and stripes & florals.

Those duvet covers were absolutely gorgeous!

I don't know who this gal is, but I loved her jacket, too!

Isn't it great?

The wee navy dress is part of Liz's children's clothing line, "Hattie Bird," named for her darling daughter.  Liz has a wonderful fabric line too:


I thought this coat was quite lovely.

I may be the gal behind The Little Red Shop, but my favorite color is blue!

You can find this coat and all sorts of other treasures in Liz's brand-new online shop!

...and at more upcoming shows...including:

March 12th, 2011


March 19th, 2011

Congratulations to Seabold Vintage Market & 2nd Saturdays {along with several other of my blog friends!!!} for being mentioned in the new...

What fun!

Here are a few links to my previous posts featuring SVM:

Now, I wasn't the only gal sportin' cowgirl attire at the show.

Check out Liz's boots!


If you are ever blessed with meeting Liz, you'll have to ask her the story about her fantastic apron!

I closed out the show across the way at Tippy Stockton, visiting with Liz & Patricia over a dish of chocolate Easter eggs & pastel-wrapped Rolos. Well, that was right after Patricia saw the cool baubles I found in Liz's booth...and headed on over to find some new vintage treasures for her beautiful jewelry line.

Would you like to see what I brought home from the show?

Please stay tuned!

Thank you!

I hope you are having a blessed week!

: )

Julie M.

To see more show photos, etc...please visit my facebook page, where you can also follow The Little Red Shop, or you can visit us via Pinterest and Twitter.

ps  March 1st marked the grand opening of Ruffles & Rust Square in Monroe, Washington!  Ahhh...I can't wait to see it in person!  


alison said…
so much gorgeousness in one place...not fair that it's a continent away from me...but i bet you enjoyed it no the hat too!


Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics from R&R and The Seabold gorgeous and right on!!'Love
liz said…
My dear friend . . .

. . . just saw your post and I am truly speechless!! Thank you so much for the lovely photos and words on this post - you are truly the sweetest gal ever . . . but most of all I want to say that I feel blessed to call you my friend!! :) I do remember that first conversation we had - and I knew right then and there we would be friends for a very long time!! :) Now I just need to break away from all this work and make it up your way :) How truly fun that would be!! :)

Grateful more than you will ever know!!xoxo - liz
liz said…
oh . . . and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that gal's jacket as well!!! :)
Heather said…
Hi Julie! I wanted to stop by and say "thank you" for visiting my blog! It is so nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos! Wish I was there! :)
What a lovely post, loved the photos you took and the tour around.

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