Rottman & Selleck...

The Time:
 One Spring afternoon in 2010

The Place:
 Somewhere in the middle of Nebraska during The Midwestern Junkin' & Family History Huntin' Tour with Li'l Red & The Wonder Twins

The Backstory:
  My mom's family has lived in the area for around 150 years.

The Mission:
 Finding the resting ground of our forefathers...and my auntie's cell phone, which she lost somewhere between two cemeteries.

The Subject:
  The stone of F.W. Rottman ~ 1834-1886
{No relation, as far as I know}

Can you hear me now?

: )

Julie M.

ps  My auntie did find her phone.  It was on the edge of the lane just a few paces from her dad's maternal grandparents, John W. & Mary (née Gardner) Allmon.  My great great grandpa John W. looked just like Tom Selleck.

What do you think?


alison said…
i think that a cemetery is no place to lose a cell phone...glad y'all found it! and yes...there is a definite resemblance to mr. selleck.


Anonymous said…
He DID look like the divine Mr Selleck.....smiles.

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