Playing Dress-Up, Ruffles & Rust Pt III

I really wanted to wear this li'l Anthropologie jacket to the

Ruffles & Rust Hat Spectacular

So, I searched high & low for the wee chapeau my paternal grandmother wore to my parents' wedding in 1965.

My grandparents with my great grandma Beda

My great grandmother immigrated from Sweden at the turn of the 20th Century & went home to be with the Lord shortly before I arrived on the scene.  I've never had to wonder what I'll look like when I get older.  I inherited her dominant genes...along with several of her handbags, hats, pretty shoes and costume jewelry.  My grandma gave me some of her own smart accessories, too.  
Thank you, grandma!

 I've yet to find her dainty red hat, but no worries, it will turn up and maybe it wouldn't have matched the jacket anyway.  And...I did find a few new treasures at Ruffles & Rust to add to my "dress-up trunk!"

Would you like to see them?

Turquoise Rose Brooch/Hair Clip 


Decoupaged Tear Drop Pendant Necklace

Tippy Stockton

Weathered Rose Hooks


Small Glass Knob

The French Farmhouse

Li'l Shiny Baubles
Seabold Vintage Market

Thank you, ladies! 


Do you remember the colorful aprons I found at Pier I the day of my wee friend Emma's birthday party?

Well, I bought this dress-form there that day, too!

This is the skirt I wore to the first Ruffles & Rust back in October.  It was created by deconstructing a vintage 1980's wedding dress.  A thrifty find, I thought the ruffled train would look lovely as the front of the skirt.  Thank you, mama (the seamstress)!


As time passed and I continued to NOT find my grandma's wee hat, which I thought would have been the perfect representation for The Little Red Shop, something else came to mind.  Something else that is very near and dear to me that represents all that my blog has been about lately...

Roots & Road Trips

When I asked my mom what SHE was thinking about wearing to the Ruffles & Rust Hat Spectacular, she said...

"I'd kind of like to just go as a little old lady."


Photo credit:  Come Junk With Us

How cute is she!

My mama is wearing a li'l Confluence duo & jewelry from the boutique where I apprenticed worked whilst still in college...which is also when I made the black velvet hat from scraps of fabric, buckram, and millinery wire.

I'm wearing a vintage ruffled blouse, Tippy Stockton necklace, woven purse from Peabody, Mass., Ann Taylor skirt {w/ crinolines}, and.... daddy's ol' road trip hat.


Shortly after that picture was taken, a gal came up to me in one of the booths and said something like...

"I'm not stalking you, I promise!  I just have to know what you have on your feet, because if you're wearing sneakers it will just ruin the entire thing!"


No sneakers.

My cowgirl boots are from Montana...just like my daddy's hat!

Happy Weekend!

: )

Julie M.

Please join Alison for another Friday's Unfolded!


alison said…
i absolutely love all those ruffles...a recycled wedding dress? brilliant. are you going to be selling any of these lovely little things my friend?

and thanks for linking up too.

have a wonderful weekend...:)


Love, love the get up!! And that jacket!! I have a jacket from Anthropologie that I love too=)...very creative with the skirt...and cowboy boots go with anything I find...they are a staple of my dressing up for Funky Junk!!=) And Farm Chicks, to boot...haha=)
You are both adorable...and looking like you are having so much fun. Great photos...Had a lovely visit in your blog. Mahalo from Maui

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