Pink Sunday House

I once had a crush on an Ivy League boy who said he wanted to live in a pink house.

I saw this little beauty last Spring, somewhere in Southern Minnesota, whilst out for a drive with my uncle & The Wonder Twins...during  The Midwestern Junkin' & Family History Huntin' Tour.

Isn't it sweet?  

How about you?  Would you like to live in a pink house? 

: )

Julie M.


Uncovered Ruby said…
Uh, no. My neighbor painted their house pepto pink, it was awful. I prefer my green house ;-) Lisa
That is a sweet pink house! Those shutters seem a little odd to me on the first floor, though. I've never seen them go so far below the actual window. Interesting!
Oh how fun! I would love to meet the lady who owns that house!
I love your blog and am your new follower! Happy Sunday!
Thank you for your sweet comments!

Lisa, when I primed The Little Red Shop with Pepto Pink, some of the neighbors got all big-eyed...heehee. Some other folks said they loved it and thought I should leave it that way. The Little Pink Shop??? It was pretty. : )

Julia, that's what I was thinking, too. I wonder if Mr. Pink house is a carpenter. ; )
Ria said…
I lived across the street from a pink house all my growing up years. I always thought it a little odd since,other than mom, they only had boys in that family. "Why would boys want to live in a pink house?" was my question.
Well...I love pink, and they did a nice job with on the inside yes; I don't know if I husband maybe not=) boys might go for it though!
If it was a quaint pink house like the one you pictured, then yes. But I'll tell you, I have seen some pink houses that are the gaudiest things out there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Take care,
Oh I LOVE it!!!!! Thank you for sharing! Love, Jennifer

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