15 March 2010

Sweet Dreams ~ The Little Red Shop's 100th Post Giveaway!

Hello, dear readers,

I've been a bit preoccupied...even a tad stingy, one might say.  So, now that I've reached my 100th post...I thought it was about time that I stepped up to the plate....or rather, the plates...and started sharing more of my projects with you!

So, without further ado...

Welcome to one little corner of my in-between kitchen.

The Little Big Hutch

Beautifully built by Moosehead of Monson Maine, I found this hutch a few years ago at Goodwill for $150.00.  I generally don't pay that much for my thrift store finds...but knew that this was just the piece needed for my kitchen.  What I absolutely cannot believe, however, is that I didn't take any before pictures...when it was brown...and covered in stickers...and the biggest brass Chippendale hardware I've ever seen.  I replaced those lovelies with knobs, and pulls (which needed to be a special size) from Restoration Hardware.  They ended up costing almost about as much as the hutch!  It was and still is missing the farthest right pane of glass.  I'll replace it at some point...but for now, it works to house part of my cookbook collection.  (My daddy was a foodie and founding partner in a smorgasbord restaurant chain with his dad.)  I did catch a few snaps mid-restoration of my completely...... gross.....100 year old kitchen.  I captured all sorts of lovely shots of the degrossification process...but that is a post for another day.

In the meantime....

Here's Georgie,

Hey there, George.

I then turned the cupboard and used it to block the newly reopened entrance to the kitchen from the parlor...to keep out the wee furry ones.

That worked well.

Rest assured, dear reader, the degrossification process included disinfecting the cupboards prior to replacing the doors and drawers.  

Now, where were we...

Yes, that's the spot.


Doesn't everyone keep their rolling pins in a crock in a cage???

Here's what happened...I washed the crock then set it in the wire baskets I had found for a few at The Salvation Army...just in case the crock wasn't completely dry.  I then moved onto other projects.

And I actually kinda like it.

The crock was my daddy's...the waffley pin is from Sweden...via my great grandmother, Beda.  

All right, back up to the bird's eye view....

No, not that one....

(I found the wee bluebird at a farm tag sale down the road for 25 cents.  The teacup wall pocket was found at a thrift store for about the same...as was the little rooster spice box.  It came as a set of 3 with a little shelf.  The recycled glass blue heart was a birthday gift from one of my oldest school friends.)

This one...

The goldfinch figurine, cachepot and little spice cupboard were part of my grandparents' collection from their travels.  The cachepot is signed and numbered and came with matching sconces...which were on either side of the china cabinet in my grandparents' dining room.  I found the Bakelite steak knives whilst out junking...and the Andersens' Pea Soup crock was my dad's.

The picnic baskets were more great junking finds.  I saw the red one in the back of Goodwill and snapped it up for only $5.99.  The other two were about $7.99 each.  They are wonderful for holding cookie cutters and cake decorating supplies.  What do you think I should keep in the little fruit bedecked "faux basket" tin?

I have a thing for bowls.

I just love them.

The ruffle edged plates are Tracy Porter, from Target.

The large blue and white bowl is from Portugal...another thrift store find.

Time for dinner?

This wee bell is from my grandparents' kitchen.  It has a little smiley face painted on its other side.

I love aprons too.  I have a few from my mom's collection...but these aren't them.  The sweet swirly rack was a gift from my eldest brother, the scrapper.  It was one of his cool free finds.  I recently purchased the pretty plate second hand for $2.99.  I have similar plates from my childhood home...but they are waiting for the plastering, painting, and hammering to stop before they are put up for display.


Now, what was I saying about bowls???

I really love them.

I hope that you do.

I hope that you love coffee, chocolate, desserts, and tea too!

In honor of my 100th blog post, I'm having a little giveaway.  The winner will receive one set of Rosanna Sweet Dreams Ice Cream Bowls,  2 robin's egg blue Biscuit dishes from Anthropology, and a set of 4 "A Little Indulgence" cookbooks

Each of the four ice cream bowls comes in a different flavor/color...


Mint (Robin's Egg)



Around the rim of the creamy white inside of each bowl...names of different flavors are "drizzled."

dulce de leche

mocha chip

cookie dough



To top it off, the bowls come in their very own ice cream carton.  Most of Seattle-based Rosanna's lovely award winning dishes come in beautiful boxes.  I carry several designs in my shop.

With all of that sweetness in store for the winner...I thought they should have a couple of little dishes for sprinkles and other toppings too.  Thus, I'm including the two wee footed Biscuit dishes from Anthropology!

Recipes in this "Indulgence" cookbook collection include...

Café Mudslide

Cappuccino Cheesecake

Vanilla Coffee Kiss

White Chocolate Cranberry Pear Pastry

Basic Lemon Bars

Tea Roasted Chicken

Berry Spiced Iced Tea

Frozen Cocoa

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls...

and so much more!!!

To enter to win my 100th Post Sweet Dreams Giveaway:

Entry to this giveaway is now closed.

1.  Leave a comment under this post.

2.  Become a follower of my blog for a second chance at winning.  You can find the link in the sidebar.

3.  Link back to my blog post about this giveaway with a post on your own blog, Twitter, or Facebook.  Then please come back and let me know about your link.  You will receive a 3rd chance at winning!


4.  If you stopped by my blog today looking for this post and reached an error page..let me know and you will receive yet another chance at winning!  I was jotting down some notes in the middle of the night and inadvertently hit the publish button.  

The giveaway ended Sunday evening, March 21st, 2010 at 5 O'clock pacific time.

Best wishes, everyone!  Thank you so much for your participation and sweet comments!

And welcome to my new followers!  If ya'll can reach 100...I might just have to have another giveaway with some more sweet things from my shop!

: )

Julie M.

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