The Little Red Nest ~ Spring is Calling!



"Is it Spring yet??"

Are you ready?

: >

Julie M.


Just click here to see the wee birdies' papa...last Spring & Summer's official greeter for The Little Red Shop.  



Lucka said…
Very beautiful and sweet :-)
Maggie said…
Hi Julie M,
So nice to have you visit me this morning,your little red bird box is delightful.
(BTW I'm Julie M too{Julie Margaret to be exact!})
Happy Outdoor Wednesday from Normandy.
Anonymous said…
Awww!...too sweet, I love spring, everyting is coming to life.
I like your songs.(spring is comin' soon)
I'm visiting from Outdoor Wednesday.
Ann said…
The little ones are gettin ready..I love bird houses, especially red ones.
alison said…
such a funny and sweet picture of the littlest occupants of your littlest red house. love it.


Donnie said…
That was so precious.
Tippy Stockton said…
How tweet is that! We can only hope and pray that Spring is on its way. Raining and windy today - no likey! Sunshine and daffodils :) Patricia :) xoxo
So adorable!
Joyce M
Anonymous said…
What FUN!....smiles.
That is so cute! I hope spring is on the way. We have had a deluge of rain for 24 hrs and temps in the 40s.
Uncovered Ruby said…
I am SOOOO ready for spring!!!
Lisa ;-)

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