Little Charms...

This month marks my daddy's 70th Birthday.

Growing up, he always had a way with the ladies.   

"If all the girls were across the ocean, what a famous swimmer you would be," wrote his 6th grade classmate, Marian, in his little red autograph book.

Karin & David

"God made mountains.

God made cheese.

God made Karin Jean fer David to squeeze."

George, page 10

Marilyn & David

"Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Some trees are saps...and so are you."

Joyce F., page 7

Even as an itty bitty boy...

...he was quite the charmer.

Chickie Bird

Little did he know, that growing up just two States away was the li'l gal who, 21 years later, would win his heart.

my mama

He'd just have to convince her boyfriend that, while he was out of town, it would be a great idea for her to have a few tennis lessons, courtesy of my instructor daddy, of course.  

And the rest is history.

The End
{Grandpa with my daddy & his li'l cheeky girlfriend}


Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Little David, Rockford, Illinois ~ 1942

We love you & miss you!


My heart & my prayers go out to the people of Japan and elsewhere in the world who are experiencing indescribable loss, for those who are waiting to be rescued...whether it be from this, other natural disasters or violence, neglect, accidents, etc...  

I am praying for those who are mourning the loss of loved ones...praying for comfort for you, and for hope. 


Are you following Joanne Heim's story?  Joanne, a young wife & mother of 2, suffered a major stroke 2 months ago and her husband, Toben, has been keeping her blog posted with updates about their journey to recovery.

Today is Joanne's Birthday and Toben is putting together a linky party to help celebrate.  Please stop by Joanne's blog, "The Simple Wife," to wish her well!  And if you'd like to participate in the party, Toben is asking for folks to send in close-up pictures of their charm bracelets or special necklace charms in honor of Joanne's trademark accessory.  


Happy Birthday, Joanne!

God Bless you!

: )

Julie M.


alison said…
what a sweet post...and i adore the cheeky comments in that little autograph book...happy birthday to your dad and yes...i am heading over to joanne's blog.


liz said…
Lovely post Julie!! xo
Auntie Bliss said…
What nice photos you have of your parents!
Ours aren't quite so clear.
That pic with the two toddlers cute!
Thank you, ladies! Auntie Bliss ~ That's my grandpa picking up the doodles! (I updated the post to include that info) I was definitely blessed by having not one, but two sets of grandparents who loved taking family photos.

: )

Julie M.
Seizing My Day said…
such an emotional post... with so much love and heart and soul!! =) I love your pictures and stories... so sweet! lovin the cheeky chicklet!! too cute and funny! Blessings to you Julie!!

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