From Ireland to the Whispering Bench...

My mom's 3rd paternal great grandfather, Benjamin, was born in Ireland in 1788 and came to America with his wife Mary & their oldest children in the early 1800's.  Their son Wrighston, my grandpa's great grandpa, was born in Ohio in 1826.

By 1879, when my grandpa's daddy was born, his family was living in Nebraska, where they live to this day.  Last Spring, in honor of my mama's 50th high school reunion...we headed back to Nebraska, picking up my Auntie Georgia in Minnesota along the way.

While my mom attended her parties, my auntie and I set about on a family history hunting tour.

One afternoon during our stay, there was time for a little walk with not one, but two of The Wonder Twins.

So, we chose to take a stroll around the grounds of J. Sterling Morton's Arbor Lodge

Yes, Arbor Lodge, as in..."Arbor Day."

Just down the lane from the 52 room mansion...

....past the little blurb of a Cardinal...



President Cleveland


The Whispering Bench!

If you listen very carefully, whilst sitting on one someone whispers into the back of the bench from the other, you can hear them quite clearly.



Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

: )

Julie M.

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Bethany said…
I love how rich your family history is!
Blessings this St. Patrick's Day!

♥ Bethany
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Love the family story...very similar to the path traced by my Irish ancestors!!
lindimity said…
What a beautiful post, Julie! I'd love to sit a while on the bench and whisper secrets.

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