05 January 2011

Support Your Local Cowboy...

Last Spring, my ol' movie buddy Patrick entered his Western, "Absaroka," in the Wyoming Short Film Contest.

And WON!!!
Congratulations, Patrick!

Well, he's thrown his hat into the ring again, and this time...the stakes are much higher.

The winner of the OpenFilm: "Get it Made" Competition will receive $500,000 to follow up their short with a feature-length movie!

Here's a little taste of the cowboy scoop from last May...

If you're a major movie-watching geek like I am, then you've probably seen my friend Patrick's work as a Location Manager.  So, when it came time for him to produce (and write, direct, and star in!) a Western set in 1881, you'd better believe he knew where to shoot...

...in and around his own "backyard" ~ Cody, Wyoming

Isn't it breathtaking?

{I'd still like to know the fate of that green dresser!}

Maybe we'll find out in the sequel.

To help make that happen, I hope you'll find it in your hearts to scoot on over to OpenFilm to view and vote for "Absaroka." 

I reckon Patrick will be mighty obliged.

Just click here to read his 2-part blog post on the making of... 

Public voting will be open until January 31, 2011

Thank you!

Enjoy the Film! 

: )

Julie M.

All Photos ~ Patrick Mignano

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