Pie in the Sky and Geeky Glasses...

My brother called from Minneapolis earlier today to say that he had put a little something in the mail.

"This is not Christmas," he said, "this is just pie."

Fresh from the oven!
{He said that freezing pecan pie makes it weird}

Thank you, Jeffy!

At this very moment, it may be flying over a town near you!

I was thinking about posting Jeffy's pecan pie picture when I happened upon Donna's blog, Funky Junk Interiors. She just did a little crafty post which reminded me of the year we strung real cranberries and popcorn on twine to make a garland for our Christmas tree.

I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Jeffy is the one in the glasses.

Christmas 1981


Correction:  The Minnesotans are the ones in the geeky glasses!  My mama is from Nebraska, and I'm from Washington State, just over a lake from where this picture was taken...by my daddy (who was also a Minnesotan...with really nerdy glasses).  Jeff is actually the one with his eyes closed (he's probably dreaming about pie)...and do I, or do I not look exactly like my grandpa?  (Yes, we are both wearing velour.)

Who doesn't love velour?

  My dad bought the painting in the background at the Hennepin Art Fair around 1966.  I used it as the background for my grandpa's li'l whittled dudes in my glittered birdie post.


I hope you're having a beautiful and festive week!  I had better run.  I have to get up early to open...

Happy baking & decorating!

: )

Julie M.


OK - that picture of your family puts me right to shame! I am in awe of your collective geekiness. ;)
Alison said…
You have a brother who mails you fresh pie??? Oh you lucky girl.

And...velour and glasses nonetheless...that is one cozy family photo.
Bethany said…
How exciting! And what a sweet thing for a brother to do :-)

I just had to let you know, I absolutely LOVE your Christmas playlist! All my favorites in one place--as if I made it myself!

I've been playing it all morning while working on crafts. I'll have a new Yarn Ball Snowman tutorial on my blog in a little bit. Come by and visit!


♥ Bethany
Julie...I have lived in both Washington and Minnesota and now live in Nebraska (military family). I loved this post. Enjoy your pecan pie.....the traveling HAS to make it taste better :)

CHRISTmas Blessings!
Pam said…
Wow. That pie looks wonderful. I can smell it baking. Or maybe I'm imagining that.
Ms. Bake-it said…
What a brother! The pecan pie looks great! I love the family photo!

~ Tracy
Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments! : )

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