An Old Year Mystery...Solved!

This photograph makes me happy.

Scattered amongst dozens of timeless treasures in my great great grandmother's family picture collection, I had no idea as to the identity of these sweet li'l babes...nor did my dear Auntie Georgia.

For the last couple of years, we've been sifting through and sorting photos and stories, calling cousins....and scouring for answers.  We've even been on a road trip or two in an enhanced effort to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle that make up our family tree.

Throughout the process, the wee tow heads were stuck in my mind.

Who were they?

The little boy actually looks remarkably like a boy named Mark from my second grade class.  I've always had a weakness as far as resemblances are concerned...I can't bear to not notice them.  So, you can imagine my frustration with the attempt to identify these little darlings.

And then one yet another box, probably in between a crossword puzzle, some old panty hose, a broken watch, some mis-matched earrings...and an embroidered hanky or two,

I found this!

And that made me very happy indeed.

Because, dear readers, there is no there is absolutely NO MISTAKING...the eyes of the third little tow head.

Uncle George!

My wee grandma's big brother!

My wee grandma's big brothers!!



Born in 1921, she'll be celebrating her 90th Birthday in just a few weeks.  Uncle Ralph went to his home in Glory a few years ago,  and Uncle 93!

Now, when I look at the picture, I can't help but see Uncle Ralph.  My mom wasn't quite so sure that I'd solved the puzzle.  "No," she said, "their clothes are too nice and white...and the pictures are too old."

"I know it's them.  I just know it!"

I told my sweet mother.

"Hmmm....I don't think so.  I don't see it."

"Maybe the clothes have been passed down through the generations, "

I offered.

And then, I looked at another photograph from a new perspective.


"Ritta, George & Ralph"

Captured in this blurry over-exposed moment is my mom's dear grandma getting her wee boys in white ready for a photoshoot.

How sweet is that???
Who doesn't love to solve a nice little mystery?
 I'm looking forward to exciting new answers and adventures in 2011.


Thank you so much for your support and encouragement this year.

I hope that your New Year will be Blessed beyond Measure!

: )

Julie M.


Alison said…
I just wanna pinch those chubby little cheeks. Congrats on the sleuthing! My hubs is always nudging me to mark the back of photos so we can prevent future mysteries like yours.

I could look at these precious photos all day. Why is that??

Have a wonderful weekend my blogging friend.


I love this post as I have such a weakness for old photos - and ones with personal meaning are even more divine!
Wishing you a magical 2011 my friend,
Camilla at home said…
A happy new year to you and your family:)

Best wishes,
Camilla at home
Bethany said…
What a treasure!
It must have been very exciting to discover!

Happy New Year, Julie! May God bless you richly in 2011!

♥ Bethany
We love that you solved the mystery photo! Such a treasure to find, so adorable.

We have been trying to tackle old photos as well, my mother was one of nine, my aunt is the only one living, she will be 84 years young this year. So many wonderful stories and memories.

Blessings for a wonderful New Year. Glad & Cel
liz said…
sweet story - love these old photos!!! Wishing you a wonderful new year ahead . . . blessings to you and your family . . . xoxo - liz
I love a happy ending like that. :) I also love old photographs...beautiful!! Thank you so much for the visit to my blog, and for your comment. It's so nice to know there are other bloggers who share my views on blog parties. :)
Auntie Bliss said…
I always wish I could hug and kiss on kids in these old photos! So hard to think of them as old folks...or gone is a vapor!
These pictures you have found are priceless and so sweet!
Camille said…
I love these old photos mainly because they remind me of my own little towheads. I have have spent a few years with my mother going over some of her old family photos and it's hard but fun to finally find out who the people are. Sadly, we have a bigger stack of unknowns that we do knowns. I have to agree with your Mother though, I don't think the children in these pics are the same ones. The one child in the chair in the last pic has dark hair ( at least it looks dark) . From the middle picture to the top picture, one child has aged a lot while another not quite enough. It's just what I see from this end and may not weigh much.They are a great legacy and very beautiful children.
Thank you so much for the lovely comments. Camille, thankfully, the last picture was signed on the back by my great great grandmother. It reads something like, "Ritta, with George and Ralph." In that pose, my great grandmother looks quite a bit like my mother looked at the same age. The middle picture is most definitely my grandma with her brothers. My grandma and Uncle George have always been pretty little (short). Uncle Ralph was a tall drink of water, which may explain the growth spurt between the first two photos. : )

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