01 December 2010

Mmmm...That's So Yummy!

Whilst out in the nursery this afternoon on a scavenger hunt for Christmas decorations for The Little Red Shop...I happened upon a cool site.

A cool site indeed!

A Can Cone!

Mmmm....that's so yummy!

You know you want one too!
{All you have to do is rescue a neat galvanized garbage can from the dump, leave it out in the cold under a steeply-pitched roof...and wait for the avalanche.}

As I was editing the picture I noticed a little something else.

Do you know what it is?  

Can you see him?

For the last couple of weeks, dogs have been getting into the nursery.  They're big fans of Dabney Coleman's food.  And, I must say, one of them is pretty talented.

But was it really the BEST idea to do a self-portrait?

Silly doggy...I know who you are!

: )

Julie M.

ps  That gate doesn't really live behind that there can.  I just grabbed it from across the way and stuck it in the snow.  It's the old gate to my breezeway.  Handy Dan built a new gate last year.  Well, it's really more of a secret garden door!
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