Gourmet S'mores & Other Sweet Surprises...

During the holidays, I spend more time in my li'l shop than in the kitchen...

...stirrin' up things like this! 

I actually threw this together with bits and pieces from my kitchen.

So when Bethany of Happy Homemaker Me was so sweet to ask me to do a little Christmas baking guest post for her blog, I had to stop and think of something fun & easy to do.  

And then it came to me.

I'd make a couple of treats that I created a few years ago...

{Red band platter ~ Vintage, Cup/saucer ~ Wedgwood "Patrician"}

Goodness of Happiness S'mores & Fun Milk!

Just a li'l sweet time will take you from this...

...to this!

Please visit Happy Homemaker Me for all the gooey details and to leave a little bloggy love for Bethany....who has been such a great encouragement to me!

Thank you, Bethany!

But wait, there's s'more!
{I did not just type that}

I received another lovely Christmas surprise.

Roeshel, aka The DIY Showoff, featured my li'l sweetie, Johnny Cash, his snow angel...and a link to his story, on her blog.

Thank you, Roeshel!

God Bless You!!!

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful week!

: )

Julie M.

ps  I'm just two posts away from my 200th.  I feel a little give-away in the air.  I'd like to thank everyone who has faithfully followed along...and been such an encouragement to me with your kind words and sweet smiles since I started The Little Red Shop blog.  Mind you, the give-away will be open to sweet new followers too!

Your encouragement feeds my creativity (it's like fuel for The Little Engine That Could)...and I thank you for that!


Jen said…
Wow, almost to 200? Way to go Julie!!! I hope you keep giving us s'more and s'more sweet things (:P) to give us warm fuzzies, happy thoughts, and make us drool. Love you!
That all looks so Deliciously Sinful!
Happy, Happy New Year!!!
Oh, Yummy!!! Only during the holidays!!

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