Auntie Orpha & Farmer Dadie...

When I happened upon this sweet old photograph of my maternal great grandmother's li'l sister with their dadie, I couldn't help but smile.

Orpha & my great great grand"dadie," Sterling Price Rookstool

This Christmas Eve, unlike our traditional Swedish celebrations of old with my late daddy's family & friends, my mom, eldest brother & I went to dinner and a movie.

{But not necessarily in that order}

What did we see?

Have you seen it?

We thought it was wonderful!
{I only had to look away from the screen a few times}

Though a few decades down the road...I think that Orpha & Dadie are the spittin' image of Li'l Miss Mattie & Ol' Rooster Cogburn.

{Minus the mess & the eye-patch, of course}

{Well, minus some of the mess}
What do you think?

Handwritten note on the back of the photograph by my Great Great Grandma Malinda

Have your traditions changed over the years?

I hope you had a Blessed Christmas!

: )

Julie M.


Alison said:

Oh how I adore that photo! Thanks for the birthday wishes too!

I haven't seen True Grit, but I'm guessing the hubs wants to.

Merry Christmas!
How special to have old pictures like that! I love the handwriting on the back, too!
My handsome man's mom gave us a bunch of pictures of family, but none of us have any idea who they are. It's kind of funny to hang up pictures in your house when you don't know anything about the people in them!

True Grit does look good. Thanks for the review! (And I'll be prepared to look away a couple times, too!)

♥ Bethany
Ms. Bake-it said…
Hello Julia,

I love the pictures! I love going through my family albums and getting glimpses of my heritage. Some have handwritten identifications and some don't.

I have been thinking about going to see True Grit so I am glad to hear that it was good.

Best wishes for a very happy New Year!

~ Tracy
I saw True Grit last night- Loved It!!!

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