Alice and a Trip Down Restoration Lane...

My friend Alice called yesterday to see if I could go on a li'l road trip with her to fetch something for which she's been pining.

This was the last picture I took on the way back to the The Little Red Shop.

It looks like someone is trying out new colors for the old bakery.  The historic church just behind it is undergoing quite a bit of a facelift too.  It was damaged in a recent flood.

It makes me happy when people put so much time and love into cool old structures.  It's a lot of work, but it is so worth it.  The buildings my mom and I are restoring are far from done...but God knows their potential, so do we.

Thank you so much to everyone who has kindly supported our project with their prayers, encouraging words...and hard labor!

We really appreciate it.

Oh, and Alice couldn't find quite what she was looking for on our little adventure.  I'll fill you in on the scoop of where we went...and what she found, when she does.   

Have a beautiful weekend!

: )

Julie M.


Alison said…
What a gorgeous scene. Aren't you a lucky girl to live with that backdrop every day?

Ahhh....Perry Como!
That's a storybook (or tv show?) town you live in! I wanna visit. ;)
Oh, wow, what a beautiful scene!
Bethany said…
I love old buildings! There's so much history, so many wonderful things that have taken place within their walls.

I would love to own an old home someday :-)

It will be fun to see your finished product!

♥ Bethany
Kristin said…
Isn't it great when old buildings are restored? That's exactly why I love vintage things. The rich history in such a seemingly meaningless kitchen tool or piece of furniture.... it's fun to imagine who it belonged to before. What a beautiful photo of that town too. It reminds me of our small town. We have old buildings and less than 5000 population. In some ways, I've thought that I was born in the wrong century but maybe, I was born now to remember and preserve the past. :) Thank you for stopping by my blog too Julie! I'm wondering what you are restoring. A house?

Seizing My Day said…
I think Bakeries and churches should always be next door to one another... especially when they are adorable and vintage looking!! what a lovely street! =) you are restoring them??! like flip that house kind of restoring ... the whole building restoring?!! cool! wish I lived nearby and could help!!
Thank you! Unfortunately, those aren't my buildings. Slowly, but surely, I'm restoring a 1910 Farm-style house and its wee carriage house and li'l barn, and a 1919 bungalow (which will be my expanded shop). : )

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