27 October 2010

The Ruffles & Rust Ball...

While my old buddies and I were busy getting things ready for the Harvest Wedding , some of my new friends from the vintage world were working on a special event of their own.

{A Vintage Market to Inspire}
22 & 23 October 2010

I figured that you wouldn't mind seeing a few pictures.

 Laurie, and Ilsa of This Old Country House. Later in the evening, Ilsa was crowned "Queen of the Ball!"

Congratulations, Ilsa!

{I think she was kickin' some fantastic cowgirl boots under that gorgeous skirt!}

A Girl Named Timi was the mastermind behind the two-day event.  Dressing in "High Society" attire for Friday night's ball was optional.

I always get a kick out of visiting with Amy & Kris from Today's Country Store.

These li'l slips are from their dreamy booth.

Just down the way there were offerings for chillier days.

And boots!

I happened upon this cute couple who traveled to the show with Miss Twig.

I even bumped into Mr. T

He was very nice.

But did I get to see my new blog bud, herself....NO!  And I hear that she was one of the big winners of the night for her mad dress-up skills.

Congratulations, Miss Twig!

The gals from Grandiflora drove down for the ball too.  My mom and I had loads of fun visiting with them during the Farm Chicks Show.

The lovely lady from Lynden holding the big ol' flower won best sash!  
{All were encouraged to wear pageant sashes representing their blogs and/or shops!}

She used Scrabble letters for her name...
and won that incredible crown!!!

How cool is she!  I actually chased her down for the photo!

: )

{I'll be quiet now...at let you enjoy a few more scenes from Ruffles & Rust.}

Oooh...these would be great for organizing craft supplies!

This gal said that people just couldn't stop commenting on her beautiful "new" window.

John Bob Cool Junk!

Miss Patricia, aka Tippy Stockton 


Is there anything dreamier than glittery snowmen...

...and this yummy sofa piled high with pillows?

What a lovely show!

Thank you so much to Timi & her amazing friends!!!

Please visit Come Junk With Us for more details about...


: )

Julie M.

ps  I inadvertently photographed this li'l gal's feet...twice...upon first arriving at the ball.  She was visiting with Isabel, aka Miss Maison Douce.

Can you guess who she is?

Well, when last I saw her at the ball, she was happily nestled across the way amongst one of Auntie Joy's displays.

I hear tell that she was sportin' her prom dress!

: )

pps  Please let me know if you can fill in the blanks on some of my photos...I'd love to give proper credit to the vendors!

Thank you!!!

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